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Small and large privacy booths

Adapting to the New Era of Workspaces

Privacy Booth in Elegant Room

In this post-pandemic landscape, a workspace isn't just an area, it's a statement of care and vision. As a proactive leader, you understand the role of the environment in driving team success. Our office pods offer more than just solitude; they epitomize a commitment to your team's well-being and productivity.

Open-floor plans, while fostering collaboration, can sometimes hamper concentration. By integrating our privacy pods, you equip your team with the versatility to choose focus over noise, enhancing their efficiency. It's not just an investment in space but in your team's future excellence.

The Open Design Office Challenge

The evolution of modern workplaces has seen a shift towards open-plan designs, hailed for their ability to foster collaboration, creativity, and a sense of unity. However, with this innovative layout comes a new set of challenges. One major concern is noise pollution — workers can be up to 66% less productive when exposed to just one nearby conversation. Such distractions can severely hinder focus and productivity.

Hence, privacy pods emerge as the definitive answer to this quandary. Seamlessly blending into open environments, these pods offer an oasis of calm, allowing employees to immerse themselves in tasks that require deep concentration. By addressing the noise concern, they ensure that the collaborative spirit of open designs doesn't come at the cost of individual productivity.

For businesses striving for efficiency in the contemporary office space, finding the perfect balance is crucial. With our pods, you can harness the benefits of open designs while ensuring that focus and tranquillity coexist.

A modern office environment with a group of individuals sitting around a table, engaged in a discussion. A man sits inside a soundproof booth, speaking on the phone. The background showcases a bustling office space with people walking around.

Our Products Range

A sleek blue privacy booth featuring clear glass doors, an ergonomic chair, and a built-in desk with a stand lamp. The interior showcases soundproof walls for focused work or calls in a modern office setting.

CDS Office Pods

A contemporary gray privacy booth with a large glass window showcasing its interior. Inside, there's a wooden desk featuring a laptop, a stylish teal chair, and a decorative plant peeking through vertical slats. Designed for optimal comfort and concentration in modern workspaces.

Bliss Office Pods

A sophisticated black privacy booth with large clear glass panels offering a glimpse into its well-appointed interior. It features a white adjustable desk, a comfortable swivel chair, and a wooden cabinet. A soft fabric panel provides an acoustic barrier on one side, complementing the booth's design for quiet and focused activities in busy environments.

SpacePod Office Pods

Our Top Choice

CDS Office Pods: Personalised Oasis of Focus

Elevate your team's performance with our CDS Privacy Pod – the future of office productivity. Amidst the energy of open-plan offices, this pod stands as a sanctuary, allowing focus and tranquillity to coexist seamlessly.

It's more than just a space; it's a customizable environment. Tailor it to match your team's specific needs, from ergonomic seating choices to free-standing desks. Prioritizing wellness, every design detail within the pod amplifies both comfort and efficiency. Moreover, its integrated power and storage solutions ensure a streamlined, clutter-free workspace, truly optimizing every inch for productivity.

CDS Office Pods - Specifications & Features

Experience a space tailored for focus, convenience, and sustainability with our CDS Office Pods. Each facet is meticulously crafted, embodying modern design with functionality and addressing multiple office needs. Here's a detailed look at the specifications and features that make CDS Office Pods a quintessential addition to today's work environment:

  • Glass Rear & Door: Crafted with 10mm tempered glass and encased in a sturdy 2.0-5.0 thick aluminium alloy frame, our black-framed glass door combines safety with elegance.
  • Advanced Acoustic and Soundproofing Design: The Wall Filler, a blend of acoustic fibre and gypsum board, together with our expert engineering, significantly diminishes noise infiltration while retaining essential external sound awareness for safety, cultivating a peaceful workspace environment.

  • Lighting: A dimmable 15W, 6000K, 40-800LM light, creating a well-lit workspace conducive to productivity.

  • Silent Fans: Two dimmable silent fans, tucked away in the ceiling, operate up to 900 RPM, ensuring a cool, well-ventilated, and noise-free environment.
  • Connectivity: Versatile Power Supply (110-240V; 50/60Hz), High-Resolution HDMI (720P, 1080P), Fast Internet Outlet (1000Mbps RJ45 Standard), and Durable Telephone Outlet (RJ11 CAT3).

Exceptional Design Meets Tangible Impact

In today's fast-paced corporate landscape, silence isn't just golden—it's a catalyst for success. Every business owner knows that disruptions can be costly, not just in terms of lost time but also in lost innovation and missed opportunities. That's where our privacy pods come into play.

Meticulously crafted, our pods offer a sound reduction of up to 35 dB. This isn't just a number; it's a transformative experience for your team. Imagine a workspace where ideas flow unhindered, where your team can delve deep into their tasks without the constant pull of background chatter. It's in this quiet cocoon that creativity thrives, solutions emerge, and productivity soars.

But it's more than just individual success. When your employees can work at their optimal level, it reverberates throughout the organization. Projects move faster, collaboration is more effective, and ultimately, your bottom line benefits. By investing in our privacy pods, you're not just buying a product; you're investing in a brighter, more profitable future for your enterprise.

A sleek white privacy booth positioned in a modern office space with wooden vertical accents. The booth's interior reveals a high-standing desk, overhead lighting, and a gray acoustic wall panel. In the background, an open workspace with multiple desks and chairs is visible, along with large windows showcasing city views. A tall potted plant adds a touch of nature to the scene.

Bliss Office Pods: Elevate Productivity in Tranquility

In the bustling environment of today's corporate landscape, providing a quiet space for your employees to focus and collaborate is crucial. Our Bliss Office Pods are meticulously designed to meet this need, serving as a sanctuary for focused work or confidential discussions within your office.

The robust construction of the pod, featuring a reinforced aluminium alloy frame and tempered laminated glass, significantly dampens external noise, creating a conducive environment for concentration and productivity. The well-engineered silent air supply and exhaust system ensures a fresh, breathable environment, enabling your teams to work in comfort.

Environmentally conscious, the Bliss Office Pods do not only epitomize our commitment to sustainable practices but also provide a durable, high-quality solution to your privacy needs. The elegant finish, available in standard black or white, seamlessly blends with the professional ambience of your workspace.

Bliss Office Pods - Specifications & Features

Discover the ideal blend of functionality, aesthetic charm, and robust construction with our Elevated Privacy Cabin, designed meticulously to address modern-day workspace challenges. Delve into the detailed specifications and features that make this cabin a perfect choice:

  • Durably Elegant Frame: The cabin’s wall structure is crafted with 6063-T5 reinforced aluminium alloy, anodized to offer superior corrosion resistance. Select from a variety of matte spray finishes with standard colour options of black or white to seamlessly blend with your office aesthetics.

  • Safety Enhanced Glass Features: Step into a safe and peaceful environment with the cabin's double-layer 5mm thick tempered ultra-white damping laminated glass. This high-strength, bending-resistant, thermally stable glass also provides excellent sound insulation, ensuring a calm, distraction-free workspace.

  • State-of-the-art Acoustic Design: The cabin’s wall panel acoustic structure is engineered with a double environmental protection board enveloped in a 1.0mm thick steel plate (matte sprayed).

  • Optimized Ventilation and Lighting: Enjoy a fresh, breathable atmosphere courtesy of a silent air supply and exhaust system (1 set of intake fan + 1 set of exhaust fan). The cabin is also equipped with a 15W dimmable LED lamp, offering energy-efficient illumination adjustable to your preference.

  • Enhanced Connectivity: Stay connected effortlessly with our inclusive power base, featuring a range of 100-240V and a 12V-USB adapter, ensuring your devices remain powered throughout your work sessions.

Navigating Confidentiality in Open Spaces

In today’s open office layouts, the lack of privacy for sensitive discussions is a notable concern. The open design, while fostering collaboration, often overlooks the necessity of secluded spaces for confidential meetings or focused group tasks.

Office Pods emerge as a simple yet effective solution, offering a haven for confidential discussions right within the open setup. They provide a secluded space, ensuring that important conversations remain within the confines and are not carried across the open floor.

Our specialized Bliss Pods take this solution a notch higher. With superior sound insulation and a comfortable, secure environment, they provide the perfect spot for your team to engage in private discussions or focused group work, underlining your organization's commitment to balancing openness with privacy.

A modern pastel blue privacy booth situated in a stylish office setting. Inside the booth, two professionals are engaged in a focused conversation, seated across a table from each other. The booth's transparent glass walls allow for a clear view of its interior, which is complemented by cushioned seating. Adjacent to the booth is a red wall and a blue padded partition, with large windows on the left offering a glimpse of the cityscape outside.

SpacePod Privacy Pods: Enhancing Focus in Serenity.

In the heart of dynamic work environments lies the need for spaces that prioritize both function and form. The SpacePod Office Pod emerges as a beacon in this pursuit, designed with a profound understanding of contemporary office challenges. As businesses embrace the philosophy of open collaboration, ensuring that individual focus isn't compromised becomes paramount. This is where our pod shines brightest.

Marrying elegance with efficiency, the SpacePod Privacy Pod is more than just a secluded space. It embodies a commitment to providing employees with an environment that fosters productivity without sidelining comfort. Infused with precision-engineered features, every detail of the pods speaks of our dedication to quality, durability, and the user experience. As you delve deeper into its specifications and attributes, you'll discover a solution crafted not just to meet but to exceed the demands of the modern workspace.

SpacePod Office Pods - Specifications & Features

Introducing SpacePod's innovative office pods, tailored to accommodate a spectrum of uses in various settings including offices, educational establishments, and public institutions such as libraries. These meticulously designed pods are a stellar choice for creating serene music rooms, soundproofed spaces, or optimal environments for broadcasting and recording endeavours.

  • Robust Construction: Aerospace-grade aluminium frame ensuring durability. And 45mm Eco-friendly six-layer sound insulation panel provides a sturdy, environmentally conscious structure.

  • Superior Sound Insulation: Boasting a sound insulation performance of 30~35db.
    Our 6+6mm double-layer laminated glass outperforms single-layer glass, guaranteeing a tranquil environment.

  • Swift Assembly & Mobility: Fast assembly design enables setup within 2~3 hours.
    The concealed wheel mobility system makes it portable, easy to install, dismantle, and reposition according to your needs.

  • Advanced Ventilation & Lighting: Low-noise ventilation system circulates fresh air in three minutes, maintaining the pod's soundproofing quality. 
    The 150LsX light offers a soothing 4000K cabin color temperature, powered by a professional LED system.

  • Tech-Savvy Features: Equipped with a 12V-USB power supply and compatibility with different voltage ranges.
    The motion sensor technology activates with occupancy, controlling lighting and ventilation for energy efficiency.

  • Holistic Acoustic Design: Acoustic door frame and double-layer soundproof rubber strip molded to the aluminium frame ensure superior acoustic insulation.

Striking the Perfect Balance 

In an ever-evolving corporate landscape, maintaining the harmony between teamwork and solitary focus is essential. Our pods, masterfully crafted with precision and dedication, serve as the perfect intermediary, offering an environment that champions both. Constructed with the finest materials and unparalleled attention to detail, these pods are more than just spaces; they're an embodiment of our commitment to quality, ensuring that your team has the best environment to achieve greatness. As countless satisfied customers can attest, our pods are a game-changer in fostering productivity and innovation.

Don't just take our word for it. Experience the unmatched quality firsthand. Visit our factory and see the meticulous craftsmanship of our pods up close. Secure your spot now and witness the transformation for yourself.

A minimalist privacy booth with a dark frame and large clear glass front, revealing its interior. Inside the booth, there's a simple high-standing desk and a modern burnt-orange stool. The booth is designed for quick, individual tasks or short breaks in a contemporary workspace.

Case Study: How Entelect Enhanced Their Workspace with Bliss Office Pod

Our latest creation, the Bliss 2-person Office Pod, was crafted with the modern post-Covid office environment in mind. It cuts down external noise by 30dB both inside and outside, making regular conversations private and uninterrupted. This is essential for maintaining a sense of privacy while promoting a collaborative workspace.

The company Entelect in Sydney saw the value in this and brought the Bliss double pod into their workspace for less than $16,000, with the furniture included. This addition helped tackle the common issue of noise distractions, creating a better environment for focused work and confidential discussions. By blending privacy with openness, the team at Entelect experienced a boost in productivity and overall job satisfaction. This case demonstrates not just the functionality of our Office Pods, but also how smart workspace design can significantly impact both business success and employee contentment.

A modern privacy booth set in a dimly lit office area. The booth features dark framing with clear glass walls, showcasing its interior which includes a white circular table and two chairs in contrasting colors of muted teal and bright yellow. The interior wall of the booth is textured in gray, adding a touch of sophistication. Outside, the office design includes wood-patterned flooring, overhead rectangular lights, and dark wall panels, creating a cohesive and contemporary ambiance.
An elegant privacy booth placed in a modern office environment. The booth is framed in dark metal and enclosed with transparent glass, revealing an interior that consists of a round white table flanked by a muted teal and a bright yellow chair. The interior walls are adorned with a light gray brick pattern. The booth's sliding door is slightly ajar, and the broader office space outside is visible, featuring wood-textured flooring and other office furniture in the background. The reflection of the photographer is subtly captured in the glass.

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