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A contemporary gray privacy booth with a large glass window showcasing its interior. Inside, there's a wooden desk featuring a laptop, a stylish teal chair, and a decorative plant peeking through vertical slats. Designed for optimal comfort and concentration in modern workspaces.

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A sophisticated black privacy booth with large clear glass panels offering a glimpse into its well-appointed interior. It features a white adjustable desk, a comfortable swivel chair, and a wooden cabinet. A soft fabric panel provides an acoustic barrier on one side, complementing the booth's design for quiet and focused activities in busy environments.

SpacePod Office Pods

Case Study: How Entelect Enhanced Their Workspace with Bliss Office Pod

Our latest creation, the Bliss 2-person Office Pod, was crafted with the modern post-Covid office environment in mind. It cuts down external noise by 30dB both inside and outside, making regular conversations private and uninterrupted. This is essential for maintaining a sense of privacy while promoting a collaborative workspace.

The company Entelect in Sydney saw the value in this and brought the Bliss double pod into their workspace for less than $16,000, with the furniture included. This addition helped tackle the common issue of noise distractions, creating a better environment for focused work and confidential discussions. By blending privacy with openness, the team at Entelect experienced a boost in productivity and overall job satisfaction. This case demonstrates not just the functionality of our Office Pods, but also how smart workspace design can significantly impact both business success and employee contentment.

A modern privacy booth set in a dimly lit office area. The booth features dark framing with clear glass walls, showcasing its interior which includes a white circular table and two chairs in contrasting colors of muted teal and bright yellow. The interior wall of the booth is textured in gray, adding a touch of sophistication. Outside, the office design includes wood-patterned flooring, overhead rectangular lights, and dark wall panels, creating a cohesive and contemporary ambiance.
An elegant privacy booth placed in a modern office environment. The booth is framed in dark metal and enclosed with transparent glass, revealing an interior that consists of a round white table flanked by a muted teal and a bright yellow chair. The interior walls are adorned with a light gray brick pattern. The booth's sliding door is slightly ajar, and the broader office space outside is visible, featuring wood-textured flooring and other office furniture in the background. The reflection of the photographer is subtly captured in the glass.

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