Collection: Designer Mobile Whiteboards

"Collaboration is about building shared understanding, relationships and trust” Harvard Business Review Jan 2021.

In 2016, after years in management and consulting, Collaborative Design Space was born with a simple goal of creating high quality and functional mobile whiteboards that enabled groups to innovate and problem solve.

Processes such as Design Thinking and Agile took off as did the need for better mobile whiteboards. From our research better meant, easy to write and clean, easy to move and store and easy on the eye.

With this in mind we focussed on the writing surface and identified e3 Ceramic by Polyvision as the best whiteboard surface and then combined that with clever designs, sturdy frames and high-quality casters with a range of finish options which include acoustic pinboards, magnetic and nonmagnetic colour back glass and lower cost laminate whiteboard surfaces. 

Today we are still the market leaders in range, quality and performance with many customers as testimony across Australia, Singapore and India.

As the hybrid workplace evolves it’s time to revisit the best way for your teams to work.