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An introduction to Collaboration Design Space

Planning & Education

We work closely with our clients to strategically plan and co-design the most effective solutions for collaborative spaces. And we help maximise space usage with training on better meeting and collaboration processes.

Innovative Furniture

We provide some of the worlds best collaborative furniture, including work walls which are at the core of a good collaborative design. Our range of products is built around the need for flexibility, movement and collaboration.

Take a look at our latest innovation - Dovetail. A wall system of unrivalled quality, flexibility and acoustics including an option for mobile power.

Effective Working Environments

For corporates, property groups, consultancies, education & learning and conference centres.
Add function to unused space and creativity to tired space.

So why invest in collaborative spaces?

In short, for greater productivity, improved learning, increased creativity and better innovation.

We’ll help you achieve maximum output from - and find new uses for - your existing real estate. We’ll help you inject function into an unused space. And we’ll help you increase productivity and style in a tired looking space.

The office of the past was just a place to work. Today it’s also place to gather, create and collaborate. The right design helps spark better innovation and increase creativity. And you can support staff behaviour change by using our collaborative furniture to introduce new ways of working.

  • Greater productivity
  • Improved learning
  • Increased innovation
  • Better yield


Provide an inspiring and functional physical space that sets the stage for creative exchange and better learning.

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