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Slimline e3 Premium Ceramic Steel Magnetic Whiteboard

Slimline e3 Premium Ceramic Steel Magnetic Whiteboard

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e3 Ceramic Steel is the highest quality writing surface available.

These designer wall whiteboards are made from e3 ceramic steel and feature an elegant slim line black frame and concealed hardware. Available in a range of sizes to suit your needs.

• Elegant design
• Magnetic surface
• Various sizes available
• Easy to install
• Easy to clean
• 25 years warranty
• Best price guarantee

Choose from our standard sizes or contact us for a custom size/shape.


Product Details

When quality and style count our slimline whiteboards are great for your office, small meeting spaces and notice boards. Highly magnetic and easy to clean.

The frame is aesthetically designed to be minimalist and with the highest quality whiteboard surface on the market you users and investment will be well satisfied.

The product comes in a range of sizes and can be self-installed in under 30 minutes using the supplied concealed hardware.

Every product comes with a 25-year warranty and can be delivered directly to you without fuss.

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