Privacy Policy

The provisions set out in this Privacy Policy prescribe the Provider’s policies regarding the use, processing and dissemination of personal information submitted by individuals to the Provider, whether through or in connection with the Website, or through any other forms of communications with the Provider.

This Privacy Policy applies to all individuals who access the Website or who purchases Products offered by the Provider, and to any communications made between an individual and the Provider through any means, including by way of electronic mail or any other forms of public or private communications.


1.1 The Website is owned and operated by Collaborative Design Space (“Provider”, “us”, “we” or “our”) who have created this Privacy Policy in order to demonstrate our firm commitment to your privacy. The following discloses our information gathering and dissemination practices in respect of personal information.

1.2 By providing us with your personal information in any way, you agree to be bound by this Privacy Policy.


2.1 We will not collect any information from you which may, or may lead to, the disclosure of your identity or any other person’s identity as an individual (“Personal Information”) unless you choose to provide us with such information when you make purchases from us or when you communicate with us in any way, including when you:

(a) request for further information on any Products offered for sale by us; or

(b) contact us by way of email, telephone call, fax message, letter or through any other means of communication for any reason.


3.1 Any Personal Information submitted to us shall be used primarily for the purposes to which they were submitted or required and for administrative purposes.

3.2 We may also use your Personal Information for the following additional purposes:

(a) to understand what your needs and requirements are;

(b) to provide personalised content and match the most relevant services for you;

(c) to contact you in response to any requests made by you;

(d) to offer you any promotions or special rates;

(e) to profile your information preferences, for example, understanding how you use our Website, reviewing the nature of your communication and/or reviewing your search contents, any Products you purchase or Website pages you access; and

(f) for any other direct marketing or promotional purposes.

3.3 You may request not to receive any direct marketing communications from us by deselecting (or not selecting) the option to receive such communications or by any other methods of opting out of our communications as may be made known to you from time to time.


4.1 Be assured that we will never sell your Personal Information to any third parties for commercial gain.

4.2 However, we may disclose your Personal Information to our consultants, advisors, service providers and agents (“Authorised Representatives”) to assist us to achieve the purposes described in clauses 3.1 and 3.2.

4.3 We may also be required to disclose your Personal Information in the following circumstances:

(a) to comply with a legal process;

(b) to enforce our Terms and Conditions of Sale, this Privacy Policy or any other agreements executed with you or any related entity; and

(c) to protect the rights, property or personal safety of other persons and/or the public, or to protect our business operations.

4.4 Accordingly, your Personal Information will be disclosed where we are obliged or permitted by law to do so. If you post or send offensive or objectionable content to us or otherwise engage in any disruptive behaviour towards us, we can use whatever information that is available to us about you to stop such behaviour. This may involve informing relevant third parties such as your employer and law enforcement agencies about the content and your behaviour.


5.1 By submitting or providing your Personal Information to us, you expressly acknowledge, consent and agree to:

(a) our use or processing, or the disclosure to, or use or processing by, Authorised Representatives, of your Personal Information for the purposes described in clauses 3.1, 3.2, 4.2 and 4.3; and

(b) the lawful disclosure of your Personal Information pursuant to clause 4.4.

5.2 We follow strict security procedures to ensure that your Personal Information is protected and kept in a secure place with restricted physical or electronic access, and with confidentially preserved. Only the senior management team of the Provider is permitted access to the Personal Information.

5.3 Notwithstanding the aforesaid, you expressly acknowledge and agree that the transmission of information is not completely secure. We will do our best to protect your Personal Information but we are unable to guarantee the security of the same, and accordingly, any submission or provision of Personal Information is made at your own risk.


6.1 We may be required to retain your Personal Information and all other information submitted to us in order to comply with legal obligations, prevent fraud, collect fees owed (if any), resolve disputes and troubleshoot problems. Such retention is always done within a legal framework.

6.2 If we are not legally permitted to collect or retain any Personal Information you submit to us, we will take steps to destroy such Personal Information or ensure that such Personal Information is de-identified as soon as practicable but only if it is lawful and reasonable to do so subject to clause 6.1.


7.1 You have a right to ask for a copy of your Personal Information and are obliged to correct any inaccuracies in your Personal Information.

7.2 Unless the Personal Information relates to an individual which you are legally responsible for (such as a person with mental incapacity), you may not give us Personal Information about any other person.  If you do so, you confirm that they have appointed you to act for them and to consent to the processing of their Personal Information, including sensitive personal data.

7.3 Sensitive personal data includes information such as:

(a) racial or ethnic origin;

(b) political opinions;

(c) membership of a political association;

(d) religious beliefs or affiliations;

(e) philosophical beliefs;

(f) membership of a professional or trade association;

(g) membership of a trade union;

(h) sexual preferences or practices;

(i) criminal record;

(j) health or genetic information.

7.4 All requests for a copy of Personal Information must be made to the Data Officer at


8.1 If you access and use our Website, such use and access may be tracked by us through analytics software supplied by third parties for the following purposes:

(a) to review the frequency of your usage of the Website to allow us to tailor and improve on the features and functionality of the Website; and

(b) to compile anonymous statistics patterns of use and access. A third party may collect such data on our behalf to measure the performance and success of the Website. Information collected is aggregated for reporting purposes, and no personally identifiable information is collected by this service. The use of this service assists us in measuring and improving the structure and ease of use of the Website.

8.2 Analytics software may also track IP addresses. An IP Address is a number that can identify an Internet Service Provider, country location and so on. It cannot provide personal information of a user although to a certain extent, with appropriate software, the user of the IP Address may be de-anonymised. Notwithstanding the aforesaid, we will not use the IP Address to build a profile on users and will only use such information for demographic and statistical purposes.


9.1 This Privacy Policy may be modified from time to time as a result of any changes in the law or best practice without notice to you.  The most current version of this Privacy Policy as posted on this page shall supersede all previous versions.

9.2 It is your responsibility to check regularly to determine whether a new version of the Privacy Policy has been uploaded.


10.1 If you have any questions or complaints about this Privacy Policy, the privacy practice of the Provider, or your dealings with the Provider in respect of Personal Information, you can email the Data Officer at