Our History

Prior to starting the business our Founding Director led a large consulting business that helped organisations transform their culture and performance. During that time, he learnt of the power of codesign and many ‘Design Thinking’ processes. These methods required designed space and a range of mobile furniture to support an important flow of divergent and convergent thinking. 

In 2015, he and then partner identified a market niche to design, manufacture and install a critical element to these processes, mobile whiteboards.

From this beginning we have designed and developed products that support collaboration and have sold over 5,000 units into8 countries around the world. 

Our first large breakthrough came when Westpac adopted an agile work method in their Sydney headquarters and today, we supplied over 1,000 corporates, government departments and universities from our operational bases in Australia and Singapore. 

As we evolve, we will continue to focus our efforts on providing great products to support collaboration and better space utilisation.

Our Philosophy

No matter what your business, no matter what functional role, organisations need to be ready to respond more quickly to competitive pressure. The ability to pivot and change quickly is becoming mandatory almost everywhere.

Collaborative Design is a business that is responsive to trends, client needs and opportunities that present.

Most people would look at the products and assume the DNA is in workspace furniture but in fact our DNA is enabling people and groups to collaborate, face to face. We believe that working together in space designed with adaptability and collaboration in mind delivers benefits to the individuals and groups embracing this philosophy.

Designing and creating great products comes from our belief that in order to satisfy users you need to understand their needs and experience. We pride ourselves on this but also the insights to create new utility from emerging needs.

Quality & Innovation

Not only is our range of whiteboards and acoustic solutions incredibly diverse in style, finish and function they are well and truly at the top of theirgame with regard to quality and innovation. Like any good recipe, quality starts with the ingredients, and we use only the highest quality surfaces for our whiteboards and acoustic panels. The designs and assembly processes are so flexible enabling us to produce a wide range of options from the components we produce. This is very much what you get when you see the product as part of a system.

The designs are often inspired by our client’s experience and needs. As we use many Design Thinking processes we are constantly looking to innovate, where we believe that innovation adds value to the market and our business.

Some of our innovations are simply cost while others are functional. For example, the three-wheel design of the Get Together. Great for stacking, connecting and flexibly partitioning space.

Look at the Visualiser and Vision Maker family that leveraged an idea for a trapezoid A frame but incorporated acoustic fabric to remove the cold edges whilst absorbing sound.

Some of our ideas have great promise but not yet commercial – our mobile power unit EMPower for the digital devices used with Visualiser.