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SpacePod ZUM Office Pod - Model XL

SpacePod ZUM Office Pod - Model XL

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Perfect for larger meetings, workshops, or presentations, it offers ample space for group interaction and collaboration.

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SpacePod's office pods are versatile and adjustable, making them appropriate for a variety of uses in a variety of settings, including but not restricted to offices, educational facilities, and public institutions like libraries. These pods can also be used to create music rooms or soundproof spaces, as well as for broadcasting and recording applications. 

Since 2016 these PODS have been embraced by many corporates around the world. Crafted with premium materials to provide quality and performance. These can be customised with upto 80 colour combinations and a huge range of furniture. These range will be able to fit any user case and we are happy to discuss unique requirements with you.

Why choose SpacePod

There are many benefits that set SpacePod's office pods apart from the competition.

A range of interior and exterior colours available so its easy to eith have your booths blend in or stand out.

Units come with sensors for LED lighting and ventilation (circulates air in 3 minutes) to help you save costs, keep healthy and all are adjustable to set the environment the way you want. Power is provided via 12v - USB and 24v plugs for all yoru pwer needs. Noise reduction is between 30-35 dB which is achieved due double 6mm laminated glass and 45mm of ecofriendly acoustic insulation.

Construction uses durable aluminium and base is fitted with rollers to enable easy movement withing your environment.

Instructions for SpacePod ZUM Office Pod Model XL


  • Durable aluminum frame
  • 45mm Eco-friendly 6 layers sound insulation panel
  • 29dB sound insulation performance
  • 2~3 hours fast assembly design
  • Up to 80 color combinations

Low noise ventilation in SpacePod Model S
Low noise ventilation 

Low-noise air ventilation system allows for the necessary air circulation in three minutes while maintaining the booth's soundproofing quality.

 Double-layer laminated glass in SpacePod Model S

Double-layer laminated glass

We use 6+6mm double-layer laminated glass instead of the single-layer glass, which provides excellent sound insulation of at least 30db.

Movable Design in SpacePod Model S from CDS

Movable Design

Concealed wheel mobility system, portable and versatile - easy to install, dismantle, and move. 


Internal Size
W: 2462mm (96.6")
D: 2565mm (101")
H: 2146mm (84.5")
Door Passage
W: 741mm (29.2")
H: 2118mm (83.4")
Floor Space
6.8m² (72.9ft²)
Net Weight
784kgs (1728.4 lbs)
Packaging Size
W: 2320mm (91.3")     W: 2620mm (103.1")
D: 760mm (29.9")    +  D: 760mm (29.9")
H: 1265mm (49.8")      H: 1265mm (49.8")

Technical Features:

Capacity: 6 persons
Power Input: 85-264VAC, 47-63hz
Ventilation: 0-327m³ (425yd³)/hr adjustable, 4mins/change, auto-refresh
Lighting: 3000k-6000k, 0-1800lm, adjustable, Anti-glare index 20, CRI 92Ra, flicker-free
Maximum Power: 120W
Power Supply: 5 Hole universal outlet x 2, USB TypeA x 1, USB TypeC x 1

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