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Bliss SILENCE Office Pod - L

Bliss SILENCE Office Pod - L

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We offer affordable and functional booths to service the mid market. Offering a small range of options has helped us keep our costs low and focus our factory on a quality finish that delivers users with 30dB noise reduction and privacy. We are also able to supply a small range of furniture options with each booth to make them how you want.


Focus Share is designed for small groups up to 6 people and can be configured internally with soft furnishing, desks, stand up tables or anything else you like. Integrating digital technologies is no issue, so small group VC works a charm. Made with the same materials as the entire Focus range you can expect comfort and noise reduction upto 30 dB.

The equipment configuration: silent air supply and exhaust system (1 set of intake fan + 1 exhaust fan),2 LED energy-saving lamp, 2 sensor switch.


1. Frame structure:
The frame profile of the cabin wall structure is 6063-T5 reinforced aluminum alloy profile, which is anodized and corrosion-resistant. The surface can be multi-color matte sprayed, and the standard colors are black and white. The ceiling material of the cabin is an aluminum alloy inner frame structure, the panel is a sound-absorbing board plus a splint, sound-proof cotton and gypsum board, and the top layer is self-adhesive sound-absorbing cotton.
Mechanical properties:
Tensile strength σb (MPa): ≥205 Elongation stress σp0.2 (MPa): ≥170
Elongation δ5 (%): ≥7

2. Panel material:
Double-layer 5mm thick tempered ultra-white damping laminated glass, which has the characteristics of safety, high strength, bending resistance, thermal stability and sound insulation.
The acoustic structure of the cabin wall panel is double environmental protection board covered with 1.0mm thick steel plate (matte spraying treatment on the surface), and the acoustic cavity layer is specially treated; the interior surface of the space is made of porous environmental protection acoustic cotton board, combined with the unique non-closed bubble type The pore structure forms broadband absorption to ensure the comfort of the inner space.
Including glass door hardware accessories (2 pieces of 304 stainless steel, 1 glass door lock, 4 strong support wheels reserved for the cabin base).

3. Equipment configuration:
Silent air supply and exhaust system (1 set of intake fan + 1 set of exhaust fan), 1 LED energy-saving lamp, 1 set of sensor switch and adapter power base (100-240V and 12V-USB) insulation.

Price not including furniture.

Other Specifications:

People Comfort: 4 -- 6
PRODUCT SIZE Internal: 2070x1120x2070mm

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