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Collaborative Design Space

SpacePod Office Pod - Model DL

SpacePod Office Pod - Model DL

Perfectly suited for close collaboration between two individuals as well as small, intimate meetings.

SpacePod's office pods are versatile and adjustable, making them appropriate for a variety of uses in a variety of settings, including but not restricted to offices, educational facilities, and public institutions like libraries. These pods can also be used to create music rooms or soundproof spaces, as well as for broadcasting and recording applications. 

Why choose SpacePod

There are many benefits that set SpacePod's office pods apart from the competition


  • Durable aluminium frame
  • 45mm Eco-friendly 6 layers sound insulation panel
  • 30~35db sound insulation performance
  • 2~3 hours fast assembly design
  • Up to 80 colour combinations

Low noise ventilation in SpacePod Model S
Low noise ventilation 

Low-noise air ventilation system allows for the necessary air circulation in three minutes while maintaining the booth's soundproofing quality.

 Double-layer laminated glass in SpacePod Model S

Double-layer laminated glass

We use 6+6mm double-layer laminated glass instead of the single-layer glass, which provides excellent sound insulation of at least 30db.

Movable Design in SpacePod Model S from CDS

Movable Design

Concealed wheel mobility system, portable and versatile - easy to install, dismantle, and move. 

Price includes delivery and installation.


Lighting: The 150LsX light offers 4000K cabin colour temperature, with a professional LED system.
Ventilation port: Low-noise ventilation system with a labyrinth design, enabling air circulation in 3 minutes.
Aluminium Frame: The structure is comprised of a support frame made of aerospace-grade aluminium.
Acoustic door frame: Specially designed soundproof door frames to augment its acoustic insulation capabilities.
Rubber Strip: Double-layer soundproof rubber strip, molded according to the aluminium frame, better sealing.
Sound insulation panel: The main structure comprises of 45mm Eco- friendly 6 layers sound insulation panel.
Carpet: Offers benefits such as moisture resistance, mold prevention, and ease of cleaning.
Acoustic interior: With 60% of the internal area covered in fiber sound-absorbing panels.
Furniture: Choose from a diverse selection of furniture to complement your unique style.
Power system: 12V-USB power supply and compatibility with different voltage ranges.
Motion sensor: Activates with someone inside, controlling lighting and ventilation.
Soundproof glasses: We use 6+6mm double- layer laminated glass to maximize sound insulation.

Other Specifications:

Four-person pod 
PRODUCT SIZE Internal: 2145x1498x2170mm

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