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Collaborative Design Space



Price: $1,750 + Shipping

Add a digital touch to your collaboration with the Visualiser e-mobile board. Equipped with a dedicate space for a range of monitors, it allows you to incorporate your digital requirements whilst maximising flexibility, acoustics and occupancy.

The Visualiser is a part of the Vision Maker range which enables you to create collaboration zones that cater for analogue or digital collaboration, while dealing with the acoustic challenges of open plan collaboration.

With the addition of eMPower, the Visualiser can be powered by a rechargeable Lithium Ion system, which means you can use it anywhere you need it.

Due to its unique trapezoid shape you can use it as a single board, connect it to the Visualiser or connect a few boards together to create the layout you need and an even bigger flow of writing space.

With an optional of hybrid acoustic walls or acoustic hoods, you can ensure your team will be able to collaborate in their own semi-privatespace.

Minimum order quantity: 10 items

Visualiser Designer Whiteboard instructions

Product Details

Digital Whiteboard or Analogue Whiteboard, whats your choice.

Before you answer this, think about how you collaborate.

Collaboration can take numerous forms and when we think whiteboards we imagine digital whiteboards or analogue whiteboards. Whiteboards have been part of how we learn and work and there is good science to tell us why. Technology has the ability to connect people across geography but it will never build relationships and connections like face to face in front of a whiteboard.

Two of the leading players in digital whiteboards Cisco and Microsoft are creating amazing technology but both organisations value face to face collaboration.

The Visualiser is a part of the Vision Maker which enables you to cater for analogue or digital collaboration in one system.

Produced with acoustics, flexibility and cost in mind the Visualiser has significant advantages over the existing means of deploying digital whiteboards.

Fixing to wall – can’t flex space, is expensive to fit, requires make good to wall, can’t optimise equipment utilsation, may impact others working nearby

Trolley – cable management, no acoustic properties, no visual privacy from others

Two optional products with Visualiser (eMpower Lithium Ion Battery system and acoustic hoods and corner connectors) add more innovation, function and benefit.

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