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Rare Earth Whiteboard Magnets - 20mm

Rare Earth Whiteboard Magnets - 20mm

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Box of 6 very strong and stylish pin magnets that are ideal for staging information on any magnetic surface, even glass.

Pin size – 20mm

Also available in 10mm


Product Details

There’s something nice about popping a really good rare earth magnet onto a whiteboard.  Our whiteboard magnets 30mm create a noise and instant connection that triggers something in your brain, it makes you feel good!

Collaborative Design designed and sourced a small range of fantastic rare earth magnets to enable all our office whiteboard customers to have a great user experience. Packaged in small boxes enabled the users to keep their magnets safe when not in use. It is this small details that we are very proud of and our whiteboard magnets 30mm are just an example of how we think.

Whether you use magnetic glass or ceramic steel our whiteboard magnets will be great for displaying your customer journey maps, service design work or simply your bills to pay.

There is no reason to use sticky tape on your walls when you can turn your walls into visual canvasses that allow for drawing, writing and displaying with our whiteboard magnets.

Very strong and stylish pin magnets that are ideal for  on any magnetic surface, even magnetic glass. The grade of our magnets is N35 which produces a very good pull force.

Box of 6 x 20mm pins in a box. Also available in 10mm.

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