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Collaborative Design Space



Price: $2,750 + Shipping

There’s something about natural materials that get our brain to kick off and Brainstormer embraces all these qualities.

This Beautiful working wall from 100% hardwood, comes with either glass (magnetic options) or ceramic steel.

Adding a timber statement to your boardrooms or client presentation will inspire your teams to collaborate on new ground.

The Brainstormer is the perfect addition to any space planner who is looking to combine high quality, design and functionality.

Minimum order quantity: 20 items

Product Details

The Brainstormer is our premium magnetic glass whiteboard. Its natural hardwood timber frame gives the product a premium look and being glass it will perform year after year.

I always wanted to design and make a timber frame product and Team Builder, along with the Clarus Timber Go!, product provided the template.

The Brainstormer is manufactured in Melbourne in both a glass or e3 Ceramic Steel version.  The e3 ceramic version is much lighter and cheaper but you don’t get the depth of form that comes with glass and you can only have a white surface. Glass can be coloured in a wide range of Dulux colours. If you want we can even brand the glass with words, logos or images. This gives a truly unique look to your premium magnetic glass whiteboard.

Moving the Brainstormer is a breeze and touching wood to move the product evokes a very different sensation when compared to steel or aluminum. There is a warmth and calmness you feel and these emotions can’t be bad for your people.

Creating a timber frame magnetic whiteboard was such a joy and challenge. I hope you get to experience the Brainstormer in your creative spaces and boardrooms when you next have to solve those large business problems.

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