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What is ZUM ?

Introducing ZUM, our latest acoustic booth line! Designed with your office needs in mind, our booths are born to create perfect working environment, just like having an extra "ROOM" right at your disposal. With modular design, ZUM can be customized to fit your space and quickly assembled within hours, just like a lightning-fast "ZOOM". Carefully engineered sound insulation and absorption ensure that unwanted noise and distractions are minimized, allowing you to effortlessly get into the "ZONE".
To provide a peaceful and quiet workspace, ZUM is equipped with ergonomic seating, sufficient air ventilation and adjustable lighting, to reduce the fatigue or discomfort from long hours of work. You'll feel refreshed and motivated as you dive into your projects, knowing that you have a dedicated space tailored to enhance your productivity.

Furthermore, rich customizable options available for our booths that allows you to personalize your workspace according to your preferences. Whether you prefer a ZUM has got you covered. soothing chat-corner or a "War-room"

By investing in ZUM acoustic booths, you are not only elevating your productivity but also redefining the way you work. Experience the power of ZUM and unlock your full potential. Say goodbye to noisy open offices and hello to a space that allows you to concentrate, collaborate, and thrive. Get ready to transform your level of efficiency and focus with ZUM! working experience and embrace a new level of efficiency and focus with ZUM!

Premium SpacePod ZUM Green from CDS

Why an office needs ZUM?

Our primary objective in developing the ZUM Acoustic Booth is to offer organiza- tions a complete and all-encompassing solution that not only effectively tackles the prevalent acoustic challenges and privacy concerns faced in modern office spaces but also prioritizes user-friendliness and environmental sustainability. We understand the crucial role that a harmonious and conducive work environment plays in promoting employee productivity, overall wellbeing, and successful collaboration. With this in mind, our meticulously designed acoustic booths are thoughtfully crafted to create a sanctuary that facilitates focus, minimizes distractions, and provides individuals with a sense of privacy when needed. Moreover, we are committed to environmentally conscious practices, ensuring that our booths are constructed using eco-friendly materials and incorporating energy-efficient features. By choosing the ZUM Office Acoustic Booth, organizations can embrace a holistic approach to workspace design that not only enhances per- formance and collaboration but also contributes to a greener future.

  • Enhance Privacy

    The soundproofing enclosures pro- vide individuals with a dedicated space to have confidential conversa- tions. This is particularly important in industries such as finance, health- care, and legal services, where sensi- tive data must be protected.

  • Boost Communication

    The materials used in acoustic booth construction effectively insulate ambient noise, reducing echoes and reverberations that can interfere with audio quality. This improves sound quality and ensures that phone calls and video conferences are more intelligible and efficient, enabling effective communication and collaboration even in a busy office environment.

  • Improve Concentration

    The soundproofing properties of the booth effectively block out external noises, allowing employees to con- centrate without interruptions. The enhanced concentration fostered by acoustic booths ultimately leads to increased productivity and quality of work.

  • Versatility

    The acoustic booth is available in multiple sizes that are thoughtfully planned to fit most of the office situation. The modular design makes it easy to customize, build, and extend. Moreover, the castor wheel enables easy relocation, providing flexibility to adapt to changing needs.

  • Sustainability

    Not just for using certificated material, the booth was modular designed and manufactured to avoid the disadvantage of the conventional way to build a room such as "wet work" which creates waste and stains, and the heavy power tool that produces loud noise. That makes it the best way to upgrade an in-use office.

  • Being an Asset

    All features of the acoustic booth makes it an compliant asset rather than an expense to a company. The rebuildable property allows businesses to adapt their workspace at minimum costs or resell the booth for liquidity, providing long-term value and contributing to a dynamic and efficient office environment.

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How Does ZUM Pod Boost Productivity?

ZUM, a thoughtfully designed space that takes into consideration the diverse work patterns and activities that employees engage in throughout the day. Not only does it provide excellent sound isolation, but it also offers a range of amenities and equipment within arm's reach, allowing for seamless and efficient daily work.

With adjustable lighting, ventilation, and power supply, our booth enhances productivity, fosters collaboration, and promotes personal well-being. Experience the difference with ZUM Acoustic Booth and discover a new level of productivity and comfort in your workday.

  • ✔ Solo Working
    Quiet and focused environment for an individual.

    ✔ Phone Calls & Video Conferences
    Perfect setting for important phone calls or participating in virtual meetings.

    ✔ Group Meetings
    Small group discussion could happen here without disturbing others.

  • ✔ Private Conversations
    Ideal for confidential discussions or one-on-one meetings.

    ✔ Reading & Meditation
    Creating an ideal space for personal reflection or diving into a good book.

    ✔ Rapid Installation
    The modular design allows an office to have a new room within several hours

Easy to assemble, move and extend

Within merely one hour, a new booth will appear in your office with the work of minimal 2 people. The modular design enables a swift installation process. This. efficient setup requires no trimming, bolting, or gluing, no waste generated during installation process, all packaging materials can be recycled, allowing immediate Late use.

Additionally, ZUM can easily be extended to a larger size to cater to various client requirements. 2 or more booths could be combined into a bigger one for temporary use by using special connect parts, like hosting large-scale events. You could also order new body parts to change permanently. Regardless of the challenges, ZUM can always swiftly adapt to meet new tasks with optimal performance.

Installation SpacePod ZUM Green Inside from CDS