Workwalls – The Future of Work

Combine agile working, design and functionality, workwalls set you free of the confines of space. They will help you create flexible and agile working environments while keeping your team inspired and encouraged to collaborate and create.

What makes it a workwall?

Agile working means different things depending on the lens you choose to look through.

The term can be used interchangeably with Activity Based Work and with that it often gets associated with hot desking. This is a process where desks are shared, and it is designed to increase occupancy and improve flexibility.

Another view of agile working refers to the method of work often used in businesses that have large digital agendas. When given this meaning you are thinking of Agile Methodology which properly implemented has significant ramifications for structures, workspace and organisation culture.

Another view is that means different workspaces for different types of work. Quiet private spaces, collaborative open spaces, informal lounges, libraries and so on.

We believe that whatever definition you choose understanding the benefits of mobile workwalls and how they enable benefits is important for your workspace projects.

In order to support and enable agile working and dynamic, collaborative environments, a work wall should be:

What type of problems do workwalls solve?

Supporting collaboration, brainstorming, and agile working methods while optimising space usage is a challenge for any business. Setting the right working environment is the key to successfully achieving these goals:

  • Encouraging Collaboration – Inviting teams to get out of cubicles or offices (which are suited for individual work) and work together will help create connections that improve learning and creativity
  • Spontaneous Teamwork – allowing teams to avoid hard to book meeting rooms by providing them with visual and acoustic privacy and the ability to stay for as long as they need to improve building utilisation, productivity and creativity
  • Use of Space – eliminating permanent walls and allowing for agile working will allow you to create dynamic and flexible layouts to suit all types of work

You can use the workwalls to bring people together or conversely keep them apart. This product is a great strategy for helping your post Covid return to office.

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