Workplace Hygiene: New Hygiene Surface Whiteboards

Workplace hygiene has never been more important. Our innovative whiteboards makes work spaces safer by eliminating germs.

Our new e3 Ceramic Steel Hygiene Surface whiteboard is ideal during COVID-19 or, in fact, at all times in environments where hygiene is important. Perfect for hospitals, classrooms and offices.

workplace hygiene

  • Prevent reproduction of bacteria and viruses on the surface.
  • Kill bacteria and viruses with 24 hours, even without cleaning.

CeramicSteel has long been bacteria-resistant, meaning the surface is not damaged or influenced by any bacterial activity and germs have nowhere to hide on the smooth and scratch-resistant surface. And now, with the addition of silver micro particles, this innovative surface creates a clean surface within 24 hours.


Not all whiteboard surfaces are the same, but now more than ever choose wisely!

Sometime back I wrote a blog about whiteboard surfaces and how to choose with advice that price should not be your primary concern. The difference in price between a poor-quality whiteboard surface and a good one is insignificant, especially when compared to the cost of lost productivity and employee dissatisfaction.

I have been an advocate for e3 Ceramic Steel and magnetic glass because it lasts a lifetime, is easy to clean, does not scratch and can deal with permanent marker issues.

The context of the advice provided previously was about cleaning the marker pen off the whiteboard ensuring residue or ghost marks did not remain. Now cleaning has a much bigger role to play due Covid-19 and the added importance of hygiene in the workplace.

During 2020 Polyvision, the makers of e3 Ceramic Steel, developed a new product which has all the benefits of e3 Ceramic but with the addition of silver ions in the backing sheet can claim to prevent the reproduction of bacteria and viruses on the surface and kill bacteria and viruses with 24 hours, even without cleaning.

Speaking with a friend who works in a major hospital and oversees infection control I learnt that all surfaces need to be easily cleaned with alcohol solution cleaners. Laminate whiteboards will certainly be affected by alcohol cleaning as this removes the protective film more quickly than cleaning with cloth and water and therefore will ghost rapidly.

But if you’re not a hospital should you adopt this gold standard or simply take the risk?

The material is known as Hygienic e3 ceramic and we decided when creating our new wall whiteboard range that it made absolute sense to bring this innovation to Australia.

While it is slightly more expensive than the standard e3 Ceramic we think your risk mitigation and care for the work force worth makes the small difference a non-issue, even when times are tough.

How it works has been tested and verified by labs in the UK and Europe, but in short, the silver ions release charge over the life of the product that will kill viruses and bacteria and remove the ability for the microorganisms to replicate.

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