Why face-to-face collaboration is still important.

Whilst there are different forms of collaboration all require open and honest communication and sometimes you need to be present to ensure this happens.

After the months of lock downs and social distancing requirements its time we recall and embrace the benefits that face-to-face collaboration and collaborative environments provide.

Collaboration is critical to breakthrough thinking and innovation because it utilises the human intellect you have within your organisation and, if required, outside. Without this style of working, you will be left focussing only on today and not the challenges and opportunities of tomorrow.

Here are 3 ideas that we have delivered for clients that make this transition back to collaboration stress free.

  1. Design and facilitate a conversation to enable you to adapt your modes of work to take advantage of the new opportunities as well as mitigate against any risks.
  2. Establish processes that allow you to harvest all your people’s input and ideas.
  3. Activate space that is designed for collaboration. Such environments have three key ingredients.
    • Ability to visualise ideas and problems.
    • Ability to move the environment and people within it.
    • Ability to manage distraction and noise.

If you are wrestling with this challenge, give us a call 03 8601 1197 to see how a little help can make a huge difference.

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