Our Whiteboards

Not only are our whiteboards incredibly diverse in style, they are well and truly at the top of their game in regards to quality and innovation. We have designed our whiteboards from a creative perspective but with functionality in mind.

The beauty of glass

Our glass products are the ultimate combination of aesthetic and superior performance. Glass whiteboards depict luxury and style, creating a beautiful environment for your teams. The huge range of colours available mean that your whiteboard can be created to suit your office design and decor. We use only toughened safety glass in our glass whiteboards which are all magnetic, Plus because the surface is completely non-porous, glass whiteboards are notoriously easy to clean no matter how often you use them.

e3 Ceramic Steel

Our ceramic whiteboards are made using premium quality Polyvison e3 ceramic steel which offers the following benefits:
− Highly durable and perfect for continuous use in busy spaces
− Wipes clean everytime with no ‘ghosting’
− Great colour contrast for readability
− Flat writing surface that won’t ripple
− Magnetic and easy to sticky notes
− Resistant to scratches, chemicals and stains

A multi-functional tool

Our customisable products mean that not only do our whiteboards provide a superior writing surface but options for acoustic panels and a/v integation as well. So your whiteboard becomes a multi-functional tool offering visual management, space partitioning, acoustic control, and multimedia solutions.

The ultimate in flexibility

Our mobile whiteboards allow you to create collaboration spaces anywhere you need them to be. This allows you to maximise your valuable real estate by not having to lock in static meeting rooms and spaces.

Mobile vs Wall whiteboard – which option works best for you?

Choose a mobile whiteboard when you want:

  • To move the whiteboard around your workspace
  • Flexibility in the location of your collaboration spaces
  • The option to increase the writing surface size
  • Enhanced style and aesthetic for your working space
  • To add partitions to your working space
  • Acoustic benefits
Choose a wall whiteboard when:

  • There is not enough space for mobile whiteboards
  • You know you won’t need to move the whiteboard
  • You have dedicated meeting rooms
  • You have an unused wall that can be transformed into a whiteboard
  • Your budget for collaborative furniture is tight​