The unique (and proven) Y system mobile whiteboard is now even better value!


Over 8 years ago we designed the unique and world leading Y System, now known as the Get Together.

It’s three-wheel design, which allows for stability, flexibility and effortless manoeuvrability, has gone through six upgrades to improve the look and performance. Whilst many competitors have copied our other products, none have been able to reproduce the Get Together.







Over 7,000 units have been sold to hundreds of   businesses across Australia and Asia,   including Westpac, Australia Post, Optus, Telstra,   DBS, Google. These businesses are using the Get Together for face-to-face collaboration to drive   innovation and change.




Amongst its key feature are the high performing e3 ceramic surface and its unique frame structure allowing multiple units to be connected to create large double and triple panel mobile walls.

Its unique arrow design also allows three Get Together to be interconnected to create three separate break out spaces.


If you are interested in understanding how the above organisations changed the way they work, or would like more information on Get Together or other mobile products, please contact us, call 03 8601 1197 or email

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