Mobile whiteboards are a common item used in business and learning environments – yet they are obsolete!

In much the same way as the Thermomix is a multi-functional tool for your home, integrating scales, food processer, blender, steamer and stove, a work wall is a multi-functional tool integrating a mobile whiteboard,s partition screen and visual management device.

So why would you purchase a whiteboard, when a work wall is just as cost effective and so much more functional?

Here’s six reasons why work walls are better than mobile whiteboards.

1/ A grand canvas
Work walls feature a large writing surface. And even the smallest work walls offer over 4m2 of writing space because of their generous height that drops as low as your ankles. This also creates sound and sight privacy. So the result is a great surface for writing notes and staging information. A grand canvas – anywhere you want it.

2/ Space partitioning
Work walls act as a new more capable kind of space partitioning system. Like iner operable walls without the need to spend large amounts on enclosed space services, and more flexible. The bestselling Y? system is particularly srtong in this regard. Panels are connected together to create larger walls or different shapes. We believe that interconnecting work walls support a whole range of behaviours that lead to enhanced collaboration.

3/ Stimulate new ways of working
Work walls are a tool to help stimulate new ways of working. The whiteboard has always been designed with the idea it is used by one person standing up, while others are sitting down listening. The work wall is designed for abundance and sharing. With multiple work walls in a space, they begin their use as a personal canvas for individuals to capture and share their own ideas. Double and triple walls enable groups to conduct stand up meetings or groups of 2, 3 or more to sit and work together facing the wall.

4/ Ideal for visual management
Work walls feature a strong, durable surface perfect for staging information in two ways: sticky notes or with magnets. Because the surface of a work wall is ceramic steel, all work walls are magnetic – but not all whiteboards. Additionally, unlike cheaper laminate surfaces, work wall surfaces will never ripple or undulate, meaning the surface will also remain completely flat – necessary for sticky notes.

5/ Easy to store
The ability for well designed work walls to “nest” means they take up much less space when stored compared with mobile whiteboards. And the vertical format of a Y? BoardMagic Wall or Clarus Go! means that as individual piece they are easy to move and slim enough to store at your desk. Given the size and cumbersome nature of a mobile whiteboard, they cannot be stored easily. This point was a deal breaker for The Difference Incubator so Collaborative Design Space was commissioned to find a better solution. read more >>

6/ Aesthetic
Let’s face it, most mobile whiteboards are cheap and ugly. At Collaborative Design we seek both form and function. We have scoured the world for the best work wall designs. The colourful glass Clarus Go! range and our latest addition, the Etch, are examples of considered design that has yielded something beautiful as well as truly functional. They say ‘everything speaks’. What is the broken/ugly/fax spewing Panasonic* saying about your organisation?

Post script:  *An electronic mobile whiteboard is a heavy investment and, these days, unnecessary one when a mobile phone or tablet can capture a higher quality image of your notes. Furthermore electronic whiteboards are often for permanent installation so not mobile at all! And when they are mobile, it is possible the power cord will get in the way or cause someone to trip over. And electronic mobile whiteboards can not be stored away so are always consuming valuable space..