As Covid-19 restricted my business, I decided to undertake the Advanced Diploma in Design Thinking and Innovation delivered by MIT, Columbia Business School and Tuck Business School.  

Not only am I learning, I am feeling less stressed about my business. And it’s inspiring me to think differently and creatively about what I can do. 

Learning really is a powerful tool for us. 

For a long time we thought our brains were fixed. Then a few decades ago, out popped neuroplasticity. The concept describes how brain functioning, structures and health can change and improve – at any time, at any age. 

One way we do this is through learning. Every time you learn something you change your brain. It gives brains and bodies a new and different experience. This interrupts standard patterns and processing to create new ones.

For example, learning 

  • increases the chemical signals between neurons related to short term memory 
  • increases connections and activity between integrated networks in our brain, and 
  • Changes structures in long term memory.  

As the saying goes – use it or lose it! Learning really is exercise for the brain that keeps its incredible infrastructure in good nick. It even reduces the risks and symptoms of dementia.  

Back to business. Learning isn’t limited to books and institutions. We have great opportunities to learn from – and with – our colleagues, clients and partners.  

And a critical step in doing this, is the belief or mindset of being open and willing to learn. To not assume, and instead, to come at it with a beginner’s mind.  

From refreshing our curiosity, not only do we activate these neural networks, we can begin to open to possibilities, and discover new ideas for opportunity, innovation and growth. 

What are you learning at the moment? And who are you doing this with?