Over the past few months, I have been thinking about the challenge’s businesses have in operating under Covid restrictions. For those that read this and live in Melbourne, you will now know Premier Daniel Andrews path to recovery.

It’s now apparent that work from home will continue and this makes perfect sense when your goal is to minimise the potential spread of the virus.

So what will this really mean for your business when some or all of your employees are currently working from home?

Are you aware of the impacts on customers, productivity, creativity and employee wellbeing?

Are people flourishing or frying-up? Do people want to stay at home or are they itching to be back in the office?

I recently joined a webinar held by global HR firm Gallup and they provided a framework for changing how you deliver service in your business (see below diagram). Our ability to be face to face is now restricted and this has impacts. Yet we can’t move to work from home or remote work without considering the impacts at organisation, team and individual levels, because it would leave you exposed.

Take special note of the feedback arrows and ensure that you are checking in at all levels more frequently than what would be normal practice.

I felt the framework explicitly calls out wellbeing. What do you think?

Have you checked in with your employees and teams?


Diagram details: provided in a Gallup Webinar in August 2020.