I recently visited Mumbai, India to talk to architects and designers about the impact that Design Thinking and Agile PM is having on workspace. What is amazing about this place is the scale, the chaos and the clear direction to lead the world in knowledge work.

From a physical perspective they are still a way behind Australia, but it was pleasing to see how quickly they brought into the ideas behind mobile work walls as an essential element on open plans where Agile methodology is used and these are both trends in the large campuses of India.

UBS and their designers chose the Y? System with e3 Ceramic (powder coated to suit their d├ęcor) for a trial space to support their efforts to become more collaborative.

Using the Y? System for their scrums was a key business requirement because it enabled property costs to optimised and the product was adaptable.

With benefits validated we expect future growth for this iconic product.

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