Here’s my top 3

  1. Embrace stand up meetings
  2. Makeover some old meeting spaces
  3. Make underutilised space useful

Standing up creates a whole new dynamic. It can lead to increases in both efficiency and effectiveness of your meetings.

Research has shown that standing up and moving encourage blood flow, calorie burn and improved cognition. These are all good things to have in your organisation, so mix up the types of meetings you have.

A major client we’re working with is in the process of moving into a new building that has been designed with ABW principles in mind. This approach to space has much less space allocated to enclosed meeting rooms and more space to open plan environments. This organisation has enabled stand up meetings by adding large numbers of mobile work walls in the work areas and this is getting people mingling. It also has the added benefit of keeping meetings short and sharp.

Mix up your old environments

Rooms, tables and chairs can all have meaning within a corporate culture. For example a rectangle table is great if you want to reinforce hierarchy and competition, but less so if you want collaborative behaviour.

Mixing up your meeting spaces in your offices enables you to style the meetings towards the outcomes and behaviours you won’t. Try removing the table, replace a rectangle with a circle or simply add some plants and see what happens. Taking this approach is a great first step if you’re looking to evolve your culture.

Make underutilised space useful and old spaces collaborative

Have a look at any of the big spaces you have that are largely empty, underutilized or reinforce old ways of learning. Think lobbies, outdoor areas, cafés and training centres and re-imagine these spaces as vibrant hubs where people can meet talk and share ideas and solve challenges. You can have true multipurpose space that pop up when you have the need or want. The great news is that these environments are not expensive and don’t necessarily need power or construction activity.

The recently renovated lobby at 400 George St is an example of utilizing unused and tired space by adding simple furniture elements into a cafe.

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