Businesses and individuals alike can probably identify in one of three groups and, depending on where you are, decisions you need to make will be different. The shift to the right has only one path for individuals – vaccinations – and for businesses, it’s innovation.

Source: McKinsey

Innovation doesn’t have to be difficult but as the data above shows, most executives surveyed don’t believe they are equipped to innovate.

So, are you ready to innovate?

And, importantly, do you have the right tools to allow innovation to flourish?

  • Do you have a culture that encourages exploration of ideas?
  • Do you use systems and processes that help generate ideas and solutions?
  • Do you have space that enables multiple perspectives to be developed and refined?
  • Do you have leaders that are skilled in facilitating a conversation where the outcome is unknown?

If you’ve answered yes to all, then I suspect you are already taking advantage of the opportunities that are being presented. If you answer no to any of these, then you have work to do – but fear not, help is not far away!

Here are three quick things to get you started.

1. Allocate the right number of resources so that your innovation efforts are not at the expense of business as usual.
2. Identify space within your building and create an area just for innovation. The space can take on meaning and with right type of furniture, technology and facilitation the innovation hub will connect and engage your teams.
3. Involve as many people as you can and as you prepare to bring hybrid work to life, use the time that people attend the office to do things they would not do at home. Collaborate, make new connections and enjoy a new guide of work, that only face to face can deliver.

If you are thinking about this and want to explore options for your team or business, contact us to discuss space design for innovation and the processes that work. We’re happy to share our expertise to help you start to thrive.