Activity Based Working is a win/win for business and workers.

You are no doubt aware that sitting for prolonged periods of time is not good for your health. But are you aware of the business benefits of creating a moving, standing work environment?

The Commonwealth Bank in Sydney have introduced Activity Based Working.

Workers don’t have desks or lan lines. Their day is spent between different areas of the office, including standing desks and meeting areas.

The Commonwealth Bank is a great example of the win/win that is created by Activity Based Working. Walking and standing become part of the standard routine, ensuring workers move around alot more, which by default creates better staff interaction, engagement and, in turn, innovation.

” The primary reason for introducing the Activity Based Working environment by the Commonweath Bank was to introduce a better culture of collaboration. It gets people up and about… and thinking. “

Activity Based Working also saves on operating costs and waste. And it doesn’t necessarily involve an office refit.

It is indeed possible to implement Activity Based Working without a complete redesign or punching staircases through floors.

Activity Based WorkingLet’s examine meetings. They are meant to be the engine of productivity and innovation but in most cases they are drain on your people, the culture and productivity. So let’s change that together.

Start by redesigning 20% of your traditional meetings – in enclosed meeting spaces with tables and chairs – and make them stand up meetings in space that works to create buzz!

All you need is a little space, some mobile work walls, adoption of a few principles from Agile Thinking and away you go!  It’s all about connecting workspace with your process and people.

To discuss how to introduce Activity Based Working into your organisation, talk to Vince Asdagi on 0414 831 894.