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Collaborative Design Space

CDS Collab Office Pod

CDS Collab Office Pod

Price: $38,500 + Delivery

CDS pods works for major commercial space because we understand well how people work and what's their expectations by play around few fixed sizes pod to max the applications.

Collab drives the way success by allowing users to be actively involved in the design of their space, plus our agile furniture solutions, iworkpod pods works like a system supports your space expands and your team grows.

The Serene range is from a vibrant business that is looking to shake up the commercial market, in particular the large North American businesses.

With a stong focus on high end finish, quality and sustainability in mind. We love this range because of their attention to detail and advanced tech options.

The product can reduce sound by upto 35Db which makes a conversation private from those outside the booths. all teh range is moveable with inbuilt rollers and if needed it can be disassembled as easily as assembled.


Our Collab is the largest in the Serene range at nearly 13.2 sqm of space.

Being this size gives you lots of options to configure for tradition enclosed offices, to formal meeting space and the popular group collaboration.

With such options you can configure for 1 - 8 people with the right furniture decisions and being loose furniture you can adapt the use, easily.

Again great sound absorption 35dB along with beautiful design and tech solutions.

Technical Bank

Exteriors Size
H2150 x W2400 x D3000mm
Interiors Size
H1997 x W2270 x D2902mm
Pack Size
H1475 x W2320 x D870mm
Work Bench
Net weight: 1050kg / Pack weight: 1150kg
110-240V; 50/60Hz
Glass Rear
10mm tempered glass/clear
2.0-5.0 thick alu alloy frame+6mm tempered glass/clear, black frame only
Dimmable 6 nos Silent fan, up to 900 RPM, ceiling hidden
Wall Filler
acoustic fiber+gypsum board
2 nos, soft closing with 135 degree opening.
Motion Sensor
1x light & fan sensor
Dimmable 1x 15W,6000K, 40-800LM
Power Cord
2 Meters
Foot Cap
9x inner levelling feet

instructions dimensions for Collab Booth


Power instructions of CDS Booth Product
1: HDMI-Resolution ratio: Support 720P, 1080P
2: Internet Outlet-Model: RJ45 Standard: 23AWG Cat-6
Transmission rate: 1000Mbps
3: Telephone Outlet-Model: RJ 11 CAT3 Plugging times >750times1080P

Your inspiration, our dedication

Our dedication is function your little space to be cozy, engaged and more productivity.

Collab large Booth inside with elegant design


Exterior | Standard

Colors of CDS Booth
Exterior | Made-to-order

Colours selected by order for CDS Booth

Other Specifications:

People Comfort: 4 -- 8
 2400 x 3000 x 2150mm
PRODUCT SIZE Internal: 2270 x 2902 x 1997mm

Chair in the Booth


The overall product has through strict selection of materials, and more than 65% of the materials that care for the earth are made of recyclable materials: in order to ensure the health of the air and light sources in the space, the main body is coated with high-quality steel and fully environmentally friendly resin powder, and the sound-absorbing materials are environmentally friendly PET or Danish rockfon Inorganic sound-absorbing rock wool, the light source adopts high-efficiency led lamps, the fabric uses European imported non-toxic printing and dyeing, which meets the European RoHs standards. The structure is safe, the product has passed the SGs test, and the stable and fast installation is convenient for multiple use in the later stage.

The perfect external structure design separates the sound from the space to the utmost extent, and silencing the fresh air channel, and the multiple sound barrier design solves the problem of sound leakage; the overall design is based on NSUL MARSHAII Acoustic acoustic simulation design, 55% equivalent area in the space as a sound absorb, the sound-absorbing material is high-quality PET sound-absorbing panel or Danish rockfon sound-ab- sorbing rock wool, which realizes special processing of broadband response local materials. The technology integrates 40% of the equivalent area of active reflected sound. The successfully constructed an acoustic model of sound absorption, sound insulation and vibration reduction.

The multiple flexible application scenarios of the space box in the office space change the way of working, solve various different work forms, and provide a healthy and flexible independent space; but the space box is also widely used in other public spaces, and can be customized Applications that need to address different needs such as privacy, independence, sound insulation, and security. Such as live broadcast space, learning space, sleeping space, leisure water bar space, dressing space, and more professional medical services. And can use technology and SG technology system to achieve linkage management and remote charging functions.


More than 85% of materials can be recycled
layers of glass door surface plate

Reinforced glass, door/Surface plate
Door and Surface plate board system use one side high grade reinforced glass, it has good function for permeability, and material has high fights impulse strength tall, cause harm not easily to human body, have good thermal stability more. make the application more flexible.

Felt out of recycled Pet bottles feature for booth
Instead of creating more plastic that could wind up in nature or the landfill, we made our felt out of recycled PET bottles. Acoustic Felt - recycled PET is a next generation textile made from certified recycled PET bottles sourced from recycling entities.

Cloth Board feature in CDS Booth
Cloth board
(with steel plate sound-absorbing rock wool)
The surface is made of polyester fabric, which has high strength and elastic recovery ability. and is the most durable and heat-resistant fabric.Cloth surface can absorb sound effectively, the colour has very good decorate effect. Using PET sound-absorbing board has a sound absorption coefficient of0.9 or more in the noise range of 125-4000Hz, which shortens the adjustment reverberation time, removes sound impurities, and improves the clarity of speech. It also has good fire resistance, and its formalde- hyde test result is 0.05/1, which meets the requirements of national standards. The product has the characteristics of heat preservation, flame retardant, light weight, stability, impact resistance.

Colorful steel plate feature in CDS Booth
Steel plate
The steel plate is made of high quality steel with smoothness surface, and stable physical properties.

Carpet flooring floor feature in CDS Booth
Carpet/glue flooring floor
The floor use finished carpets and meets the requirements of fireproof level. Carpet is soft, comfortable and safe, its can reduce noise effectively, heat insulation and decorate the space. The floor of the coffee house is made of finished PVC rubber, which is a good environmental protection material with soft texture, strong abrasion resistance, and effective waterproof and fireproof.

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