Y? System

This amazing work wall system redefines the capability of mobile magnetic whiteboards as a multi-purpose space partitioning system.

    • Boards interconnect in either a straight, angled or curved configuration without loss of stability
    • Large writing surface but slimline vertical format for easy stack and store
    • Two sizes available: standard, wide (details below)
    • Available in durable, easy to clean Polyvison e3 ceramic steel or lightweight laminate
    • Just as cost effective as a whiteboard, yet so much more functional
    • Frame and legs can be customised in a wide range of colours
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Product Details

Designed by and exclusive to Collaborative Design Space.

Single board standard:  Height 2.0m, Width 1.1m
Single board wide:  Height 1.9m, Width 1.2m
Weight:  Laminate 20kg, Ceramic 27kg

magnetic whiteboardThe Y? System has been designed & developed to give greater functionality than any existing magnetic whiteboard or work wall system.

Because of the slimline vertical format, a single Y? board is a highly mobile quality writing surface.

Given the vertical drop extends close to the floor, it is ideal for working either sitting, standing or by two people as each side has a separate writing surface.

When working in groups a big canvas is required. Y? boards are available in single or double format.  Double boards are often used in larger spaces to partion the space into more private nooks and breakout areas.

magnetic whiteboardThe Y? System is also ideal for creating privacy screening that doubles as a writing surface or visual display.  They make an excellent ‘Kanban board’ for Agile working teams to hold stand up ‘scrum’ meetings.

Open plan offices increasingly have very few walls, so Y system can take their place to enable visual management needs to be met.

The unique three wheel, ‘arrow end’, design of the Y? System allows three double boards to join together creating the ‘Y’ formation that gives the Y? its name.

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Ceramic, Laminate


Single, Double


Charcoal, Custom, White


Standard, Wide

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