e3 Ceramic Steel – Hygiene Surface



The most hygienic whiteboard available.

Workplace hygiene has never been more important. CeramicSteel has long been bacteria-resistant and now, with the addition of silver micro particles, this innovative surface creates a clean surface within 24 hours.

Silver Ions incorporated into the e3 ceramic steel surface create an anti-microbial capability that is designed to eliminate 99% of bacteria and various enveloped viruses* in 24 hrs. More about Silver Ions below.

All our hygiene surface wall whiteboards are made from e3 ceramic steel and feature a slim line frame (black or silver) and concealed hardware.

• Magnetic surface
• Various sizes available
• Easy to install
• Easy to clean
• 10 year warranty
• Affordable

Choose from our standard sizes or contact us for a custom size/shape.



Product Details

Workplace Hygiene

Silver Ions

Since ancient times, Silver has been known to be effective against a broad range of microorganisms. These silver micro particles penetrate the cell wall, disrupt the respiration of the cellular membrane and attach to the DNA of the microbe, inhibiting reproduction.

This latest development in material science introduces silver micro particles that slowly release silver ions over time to actively work to fight microbes for the lifetime of the product This makes it ideal for use in demanding environments where cleanliness is vital.

*The family of enveloped viruses includes, for example, the coronavirus (SARS-Cov-2), SARS (SARS-Cov), MERS (MERS-CoV) and Influenza A.


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