Team Builder – Horizontal

Our unique horizontal office whiteboard is challenging the traditional dimensions and provides your team with a mega-horizontal writing surface for their collaborative work.

As a double-sided board with variable acoustic configuration and design options, it is the perfect tool to divide spaces in an aesthetic way, manage acoustics and provide functional large visual management surfaces for your team to work on their next great ideas.

Add a design touch to your Team Builder work walls with different acoustic fabric colours and carved patterns, connect few walls together to create a straight line partition or use as a stand alone – It’s as dynamic and modular as your team needs it to be.

These work walls can be stacked and stored when not in use to efficiently utlise your space.


office whiteboard



Product Details

Our unique horizontal office whiteboard is challenging the traditional dimensions of whiteboards delivering amazing employee experience.

With a double-sided large writing board and variable acoustic configuration  this is a perfect office whiteboard to divide spaces and drive collaboration in an aesthetic way.

The Team Builder Horizontal is fantastic for service design and  customer journey maps because of its size and almost seamless connectivity.

Office whiteboard with a vertical drop to manage manage acoustics and visual privacy due to their  design. The Team Builder Horizontal uses both absorption and diffusion to adjust the sound in your workspace.

The Team Builder Horizontal is a optimum office whiteboard solution that provides space partitioning, acoustic management and high quality writing surfaces.

Because of the flexibility of this office whiteboard you can use it to separate space and people. This is great for managing return to work post Covid and keeping your people safe.

Mobile and attractive will mean your teams will enjoy the product and drive productivity and space utilsation for many years.

The Team Builder Horizontal will last a life time is both magnetic and pinnable.

Enjoy the flexibility to work your way and optimise your space as needs change.

Managing acoustics is important as noise can detract from experience, increase stress and impact productivity. The acoustic material is available in a wide range of colours and styles as delivers NRC rating of 0.8.

If you want to understand more on acoustics check out or visit

Understanding how the your office whiteboard materials and positioning deal with noise will help you proactively locate your  whiteboards

We only use PolyVision e3 Ceramic on our Team Builder Horizontal because its the best value for money.

The material is magnetic and won’t scratch or stain. Cleaning is a breeze and gets easier the more you clean.  You can even get permanent market of without any trouble.

Buying a quality office whiteboard will deliver great employee experience, productivity and many years of use.