Team Builder – Glass or e3 Ceramic

This mega mobile working wall is equipped with everything your team needs to create a productive and collaborative environment.

As a double-sided board with variable configuration options, it is the perfect tool to divide spaces, manage acoustics and provide functional large visual management surfaces for your team to collaborate around.

Connect few Team Builder walls together to create a straight line partition, or use as a stand alone – It’s as dynamic and modular as your team needs it to be. Stack and store when not in use to efficiently utlise your space.

This board is also available in acoustic panels and/or colorful glass (with the option to supersize it to 1490mm and add magnetic capabilities). Leg frame can be powder coated in a full range of Dulux powder coat colours and can be shipped fully assembled or as a flat pack, ready for easy assembly.


glass whiteboard



Product Details

The Team Builder was originally designed to be a high end glass whiteboard that was easy to ship and assemble.

What we found when we prototyped was how flexible the design support customisation and different surfaces.

As a  mobile whiteboard it is equipped with everything your team needs to create a productive and collaborative environment. Its sturdy, beautiful, easy to clean, magnetic.and has a depth that gives you that high end look.

Customising size and surface colour is a real advantage of glass over ceramic steel when it comes to your whiteboard choice. Additional choices include e3 ceramic steel surfaces, pinboard/acoustic panel surfaces and hybrid options.

Its slim line form and H beam frame makes the product ideal for creating large temporary walls to separate space. This is great for managing people movement and optimising space. It is also very easy to move and store which provides even more function in these turbulent times.

Locally made the product is significantly cheaper than high end options from the USA and Europe and without the lead time.

Because of the versatility you can choose a wide range of sizes and configurations all with different price points. It is important that you consider not just the price but how effective your choice is for users