Semi-circular table that “flips” for easy storage. Join two together to form a full circle table.

  • The most practical “circular” table available
  • Option of dry-erase ceramic steel tops for your creatives
  • Easy to move, easy to store
  • Convenient central hole for power cables
  • 1.5m diameter
  • Available in a number of colours – black, grey, orange, white

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Product Details

The Flip is a table designed for conversation. Ideal for any space to become multi purpose.

The least collaborative furniture in any office is a rectangular table in a rectangular room where people have a history and patterns of behaviour.

The Flip is an opportunity to mix things up. Take our the rectangular table and embrace flexible, agile working.

The Flip, with a matching partner, makes a table for 6 or 7 – the ideal maximum number for one conversation to be taking place.