Ezy Visual Management was designed & developed by Collaborative Design Space to give greater functionality to fix walls. With its direct application to walls , Ezy VM advocates the benefits of flexibility and vertical working.

It has clear advantages over other products in the market that provide mounted whiteboard or similar magnetic film and whiteboard paint.

The advantages over competing products include:

  • Cost
  • Ease of cleaning
  • Magnetism
  • Flexible
  • Ease of installation (No tools or wall preparation)

Single or multiple :  Configurable – Up to 2.7 Height
Surface:  Magnetic and Laminated white

Contact us to see if your wall is suitable and enable us to provide a quote (Wide and Height required).

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Product Details

The most exciting thing to happen  to fixed wall whiteboards in decades?
Need a durable, afforable and easy to clean large whiteboard surface on your walls? EzyVm comes in
rolls with adhesive backing. Quick to install, it creates a smoother and easier to clean surface that any
paint alternatitive.
* Application – plasterboard, glass, concrete, timber, flat and round/square columns
* Fast – less than 10 minutes to create a large 1800mm x 1200mm
* Space optimisation by using doors, pillars and walls


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