Acoustic Walls Panels

Making your office or classroom a more interesting and productive space is as simple as including acoustic wall panels.

The acoustic wall panels help acoustic solutions and come in a wide range of colours.  They are also available flat, 3D, grooved or carved and each of these styles create different performance levels, aesthetics and function.

All the options are made from 75% recycled material and meet all necessary building standards. A wide range of colours combined with various forms the acoustic panel walls will meet all your acoustic needs.

Installation to existing walls with adhesive or hung from ceilings.the acoustic wall panels will add function, form and improve space flexibility. Using the carved and hung  product you can seperate space and balance the acoustic dampening and visual privacy.

If you prefer install on to your plaster walls, you can choose a variety of carved patterns and shapes to make the  wall panels more interesting.

Installing acoustic wall panels is as easy as measure, cut, glue and place and with the 3D tiles and hung panels custom hardware makes these tasks easy.

The flat and grooved panel range can also be used in mobile work walls.



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