Acoustic Ceiling Panels

Function and form with a range of interesting sound-proof solutions.

Acoustic ceiling panels brings function and form with a range of interesting sound-proof solutions.

Have you ever been in a space that doesn’t have acoustic ceiling panels? You will probably have noticed how sound travels and bounces around. This is particularly the case when you have industrial designs with exposed services and concrete floors.

Once upon a time acoustic ceiling panels were bland and grey fitted with a suspended ceiling. Those days are gone and now you have numerous options to treat your ceilings.

From spraying acoustic material onto your exposed services to a large range of acoustic panels and baffles.

Designers can go crazy with shapes, textures and colours from our range to make the ceilings as important to the users as the floor. The benefits will be there for your eyes to see and your ears to hear or not hear.

When you treat the space with consideration to the floor, ceiling, walls and furniture you can improve the expenditure my adjusting the various treatments to deliver benefit at the best cost. Acoustic ceiling panels are generally more expensive to install than walls and furniture.

We recommend that you undertake a thorough review of acoustics using accredited acoustic engineers and this way your design will tick all the boxes.



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