Whiteboard Accessories

When someone says do you have any whiteboard accessories you are most likely going to think of pen pots, marker pens, magnets and erasers.

Our small but considered range was created on the basis that, in the past, very little thought had gone into the design and production of accessories unlike marker pens which are easily purchased from any stationer. We spent a lot of time designing and creating products that deliver a better user experience.

When it comes to erasers, we use to make a magnetic felt eraser but firmly believe that microfibre cloth is the best material to clean dry erase pens from your whiteboards.

We have even produced our own microfibre cloth with a small magnet inserted into the corner. It doesn’t work on magnetic glass whiteboards because the magnet is to weak.

Providing a great whiteboard and not providing great accessories and pens is like buying a new TV but without the remote control. We hope you include these necessities not accessories when buying our whiteboards and workwalls.

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