Guild Insurance

Y? became a multi functional solution for Guild Insurance.

” Overjoyed. Absolutely love them!”

This was what the Head of Marketing at Guild Insurance had to say about our Y? System.

4 panel boardThe offices of Guild Insurance were experiencing a situation familiar in many organisational environments – sticky note overload!  There were sticky notes on walls, windows, doors – even on top of signage. Not ideal – especially when the offices were brand new and architecturally designed. The overload of coloured sticky notes was diluting the office aesthetic.

Having already adopted an Agile project methodology, Guild Insurance wanted some ‘mobile walls’. Walls that could be written on, covered with sticky notes, then moved to where ever staff needed them. But they also had to be flexible and adaptable – interconnecting together when need be.

The search began for ‘interconnecting whiteboards’. But they soon discovered this is something that simply does not exist. Then they came to us and were relieved to learn about our Y? System.

Y2Our Y? System was a great solution for Guild Insurance because the surface is made from Ceramic Steel making it ideal for writing, sticky notes and using magnets to display material. It is also interconnectible so multiple boards can be connected creating a large, strong multi-purpose tool.

At Guild Insurance the initial order was for the IT group and set up in a “Y” formation – a classic layout that gives the Y? System its name. This set up requires only 3 or 6 board to create 3 individual zones all with boards on two sides, creating multiple working spaces in a single area.

Once word got out around the organisation about the interconnecting system, a number of other departments including marketing department of Guild Insurance ‘jumped on the band wagon’. The original order tripled and magnetic pen pots were added for extra utility.

Because of this increase in order volume, we were more than happy to provide Guild Insurance with a more favourable unit price.