Modular & mobile workwalls, designer whiteboards, acoustic pinboards and
furniture for your collaborative workspace

Our range of designer whiteboards, visual management and acoustic products will help you and your teams create the best collaborative workspace to support change for the good.

collaborative workspace

Watch this video to learn how to get your teams collaborating face-to-face again.

What is a workwall?

A workwall is something that divides space because of its vertical drop and minimal gap between the base of the panel and the floor. This is different to what we know as a whiteboard which have a horizontal drop and a large gap between the base of the panel and floor.

With clever design we are able to create a range of surfaces configurations to provide different benefits. Surfaces can be writeable, acoustic and combination of both.

Whether you use workwalls to write and express ideas, divide an area, or create a semi-private acoustic collaborative workspace, workwalls support and enable an agile, dynamic and collaborative workspaces while optimising space usage, improving acoustics, and reducing occupancy costs.

collaborative workspace

Flexible Layout

Being mobile and modular, workwalls provide flexibility to change your space layout according to your dynamic needs – when and how you want. Configure them to create pop up spaces or place them anywhere that maximises productivity.
collaborative workspace

Reduce Fixed Costs

The ability to create dynamic fitouts with mobile workwalls, project costs, disruption and workspace utilisation. Mobility is the key to benefits and improving returns on your investment.

collaborative workspace

Social Distancing

Workwalls help you set up mobile partitions and separate people as well as divide spaces. This presents an opportunity to better manage your workforces return to work.

collaborative workspace

Support Innovation

Workwalls help you manage complexity, change and support innovation by providing an engaging environment for collaborative teamwork. Ideal for your innovation hubs and your digital teams daily meetings.

What our clients say

Really enjoying the standing desk. Perfect height (at its maximum) for a tall person like me, stable and most importantly doesn’t take up too much space in a small apartment.


Using mobile whiteboards has enabled our teams to move the tools they need wherever they need them, providing flexible wall space to create and collaborate.

Facilities Manager

Federal Govt Department

Our daughter is doing her thesis and sitting at a desk for any length of time causes her pain. The FlexiPro has been awesome.. she can change rooms and so far has been able to work mostly pain free!

Mother of a woman with a back injury

Overall I am happy with it, particularly for the price. I use it by folding it up each night (it is super easy to pack way) and rolling it under the bed and then I set up my office each morning, which consists of a laptop and mouse. The desk is well made and as sturdy as you can expect with a narrow slimline base and a folding mechanism.


By not limiting activity to traditional meeting spaces, we could reduce the amount of enclosed meeting rooms. This has had a material impact on our property costs and supported a new way of work.

Project Director

National Corporate

Our new mobile Glass Boards arrived today and they are amazing! Thank you so much for the fantastic service and products.

Assistant Bursar

Champagnat Catholic College

The desk arrived yesterday and I was really impressed with the ease of assembly and how it just worked. Already it has transformed my WFH day. I can sit or stand outside, move around the house with ease. The size is great and it really does exactly what I wanted, so my thanks. Anyway, just wanted to say overall I’m extremely happy with the product and the service and will recommend to my peers.


Working with you guys has been very easy and we love the Y System. It has helped with our agile transformation.

Head of Workplace

International Corporate

Thanks for the easy to follow instructions.I will recommend it to my friends!



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