A magnetic glass whiteboard now available with a timber frame.

This is no ordinary magnetic glass whiteboard. This is one for your most senior executives. Clarus innovated the magnetic glass whiteboard when they created the go! Mobile and allowed glassboards to move freely… be mobile. They are now taking innovation to the next level by allowing the customisation to include handcrafted timber framing. Timber Frames:[…]

What does Agile mean in your workspace?

What does Agile mean in your workspace? Well, let’s start with the Oxford dictionary definition: Agile, the ability to move quickly and easily. Pretty straight forward. But now consider the discussion in most advanced workplaces about an agile workspace and Agile Methodology. Throw in ABW (Activity Based Working) and you start to end up building[…]

Video: The next frontier of productivity and innovation.

Interview with Peter Brady at Worktech, Sydney 2017 Collaboration & Mobile Work Walls Collaboration is all about the next frontier of productivity and the next frontier of innovation. Now if you want increased productivity and innovation, what you are going to have to do is solve complicated difficult, conflict laden problems. Getting people to be[…]

Video: How to create an environment for effective collaboration.

As an innovative company, it’s your job to create an inspiring workplace. Otherwise, in the age of disruption, you’ll fall behind. But how do you create the perfect environment for effective collaboration? Somewhere flexible, creative and motivating for your staff? Watch our video to learn how, or keep reading below… At Collaborative Design, we’ve created innovative Work[…]