This is no ordinary magnetic glass whiteboard. This is one for your most senior executives.

magnetic glass whiteboardClarus innovated the magnetic glass whiteboard when they created the go! Mobile and allowed glassboards to move freely… be mobile. They are now taking innovation to the next level by allowing the customisation to include handcrafted timber framing.

Timber Frames: Handcrafted, premium hardwood

Clarus go! Mobile is a stunning glass work wall – a US Interior Design Magazine award winner – and now the addition of timber to the range of customisation options creates a brand new standard in sophistication and style.

Timber framed double-sided glass work wall… the ultimate in office luxury. Imagine a whiteboard that rivals the timber quality of your boardroom table.

And they are more affordable than you might think!

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Bring the outdoors inside – it’s only natural.

Add an element of warmth and natural texture with one of three premium hardwood choices for your go! Mobile frame. The frames are hand crafted from solid wood, responsibly harvested in the USA.

magnetic glass whiteboard

  1. Soft Maple
  2. White Oak
  3. Walnut

magnetic glass whiteboard magnetic glass whiteboard magnetic glass whiteboard

The timber frame is lighter than the metal frame options, creating excellent mobility as the Clarus go! Mobile becomes even lighter to move around.

Glass Colour Options

You can also customise your go! Mobile with your choice of over 150 glass colours. You can even choose two different colours – one colour for the front, and a different colour for the back – at no extra cost.

Branding & Imagery

Proprietary glass printing technology allows Clarus to print any graphics in stunning full colour. And not limited to just logos and text! Your designs will look amazing on a Clarus magnetic glass whiteboard!

Visit the Go! Builder Tool to review the full range of customisation options.

About Clarus

Clarus, who have recently launched a brand new website, is the leading manufacturer of magnetic glass whiteboards. Clarus glass whiteboards never stain and can be easily customised – glass, frame, castors – you can even add imagery and branding.

Clarus go! Mobile is available in Australia exclusively through Collaborative Design Space. Learn how we recently sharpened the pencil on Clarus pricing.

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