A flexible office space is just one of the positive outcomes this Melbourne based corporate has experienced with their new fitout and office layout.

A total workplace change program has seen the refurbishment and consolidation of the business’ headquarters into a new flexible team-based work environment.

The ultimate objectives of the project were two-fold:

  1. Occupancy cost savings,
  2. Flexible office space and mobility of workforce to enable rapid response to business change.

To achieve this, the company reconfigured 16 levels and have been able to consolidate their Melbourne based workforce into 20% less space due to the more efficient use of floor space and a move to flexible activity-based working. This consolidation enabled significant savings in real estate costs. This savings opportunity triggered the initiation of the project.

The newly configured environment has been designed for a multitude of uses – a genuine flexible office space. Quiet working zones, formal and informal meeting spaces including stand-up meetings, and innovation zones all come together across the various layouts. Each floor has been designed around current requirements, with enough diversity of spaces and tools to respond as work needs change.

One of the floors has been allocated specifically for cross functional team collaboration. The business plans to use this space for much of the ‘blue sky’ thinking.

It’s a great light filled space that teams will love to come to and work in”, Collaborative Design Director, Vince Asdagi, has said.

Mobile work walls are a unique feature of the flexible office space adding the ability to conduct SCRUMS as they add to the flexibility and creativity of the space. Use of tri-fold Y-System boards create division and privacy and can be moved to anywhere on the floor they are required. In addition to space partitioning, the works walls act as visual management tools for team members.

The Project Director has said, “Using mobile work walls enable teams to move the tools they need to wherever they need them, providing flexible wall space to create and collaborate, rather than limiting this activity to traditional meeting spaces.”

This business has been transforming over several years and mobility and Agile have been two enabling themes for the change and a workspace project certainly supported the ongoing transformation.

The project was conceived in 2016 with Carr Design and the final delivery of work walls made by Collaborative Design in April 2018.

Across the project more than 100 double Y-System work walls and 10 triple concertina T-Connect works walls were supplied and installed. Collaborative Design were able to hold stock throughout this entire period to allow gradual installation, working closely with the Fit-Out Contractor – Shape Group.

Collaborative Design Director, Vince Asdagi has said “It was pleasing to see the space working and teams adopting a new style of working. I have no doubt we will see further adoption of Agile and mobile work walls within this business.”

So given the project mandatories were to reduce real estate costs and allow flexibility for change, it appears that this project will not only be efficient but more importantly effective.

To learn how you can maximise office space and reduce real estate costs using mobile work walls, call Vince Asdagi on 0414 831 894 or enquire here.