Business & Corporates

Working Together Better

Did you know? Working in teams enables employees to be quicker and more effective in their work, as compared to people who work on projects on their own. Why So? Collaboration enables two...

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What is an ‘Agile’ environment?

Have you noticed that the word 'Agile' is being used a lot these days? It seems to be the ‘shiny new' term. But different people mean very different things when they use 'agile' in the context of...

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Education & Government

UBS, India

I recently visited Mumbai, India to talk to architects and designers about the impact that Design Thinking and Agile PM is having on workspace. What is amazing about this place is the scale, the...

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An Introduction To Work Walls

Once you've experienced the flexibility, effectiveness and style of a work wall system you'll never purchase another whiteboard. Until recently, work walls have been a specialist product found only...

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Product News & Updates

Working from Home

Working from Home is getting a lot of coverage at the moment but most of the conversation is about the difference it makes to our working lives. Some love it, some hate and some sit in the middle....

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Why Workwalls

“Most corporate buildings don’t do a good job of supporting collaboration, brainstorming, and innovative work methods. They tend to be dominated by cubicles or offices which are suited for...

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A New Logo

The knowledge of what it takes to drive collaboration supports our designs and helps inform our clients integrate their thinking for workspace design, process and systems and organisational culture....

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