Once you’ve experienced the flexibility, effectiveness and style of a work wall system you’ll never purchase another whiteboard.

Until recently, work walls have been a specialist product found only at large management consulting organisations or at high profile meetings such as at the World Economic Forum. They have been big, heavy, hard to store and very expensive. Our mission has been to change that and bring the benefits of this way of working to a much wider audience.

Because of their multi purpose function, work walls are at the core of a good collaborative space design. Work walls provide a grand canvas for collaborative thinking, as well create flexible spaces that move and adapt – from 1-to-1 conversation, right through to large scale discussion on complex projects.

We believe that the mobility and flexibilty of work walls support a whole range of collaborative behaviours, for example sharing information, open conversation and the respect of individual perspective.

Collaborative Design Space source work walls from the world’s leading suppliers and we also design and create our own.

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*Ceramic steel is the world’s most popular marker surface. It is produced by baking glass particles at 8000 degrees creating a vitreous enamel coating. It won’t scratch, stain or fade. It’s also stronger, delivering unmatched erasability and a consistently smooth writing experience. more >>