Driving innovation of service & how to create the right ingredients for collaboration.

Balancing budgets, delivering services, promoting innovation and change is the business of government. We can support government through innovative enabling environments designed to improve outcomes for staff and the people they serve. We are able to leverage our experience from some of the most advanced thinking around collaboration and provide product that connects property returns with service innovation.

How we can help

Supply high quality cost effective product that supports improved collaboration and design concepts that improve building utilisation

Who we work with

Using mobile work walls enable teams to move the tools they need to wherever they need them, providing flexible wall space to create and collaborate, rather than limiting this activity to traditional meeting spaces.

Project Director

National Corporate

Working with you guys has been very easy and we love the Y System. It has helped with our agile transformation.”

Head of Workplace

International Corporate

Recommended products

Y? System

Y? System



Training support service

New environments alone won’t change behaviour. Good planning and education maximise the product investment. The tailored support services offered by Collaborative Design Space give clients the best opportunity to realise better outcomes.

From our blog

Y? System: So much more than a whiteboard.

Our Y? System is a 3-in-1 agile methodology tool designed to maximise space, productivity as well as your equipment budget. Does your space need... A mobile magnetic whiteboard, A visual management system, and A space partitioning system. Y? is all of these things. So...

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Three practical tips for a more collaborative workplace.

Here’s my top 3 Embrace stand up meetings Makeover some old meeting spaces Make underutilised space useful Standing up creates a whole new dynamic. It can lead to increases in both efficiency and effectiveness of your meetings. Research has shown that standing up and...

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