glass whiteboardsFor the last two years Collaborative Design have represented Clarus glass whiteboards in Australia and in more recent times Singapore.

The history of our relationship is born out of our love for the functionality of high quality glass and the beauty of glass whiteboards. But alas the price point has made this product accessible only to a few discerning buyers.

Clarus Go! Mobile is an International Design Award winning product and we are pleased to advise that we have been collaborating with Clarus and several freight companies to find a better supply chain model. Our aim has been to reduce the overall cost the Clarus Go! Mobile without impacting its quality and beauty.

To achieve the cost reductions we are aiming for, we have figured out how to reduce the overall cost by simply consolidating orders, changing packing and negotiating better freight rates.

What this means is that you will be able to order any colour Clarus Go! Mobile (medium) for AUD$2,500, which is a reduction of approximately $600 per unit.  Note: timber frame is extra.

So, how does this effect the lead time and what is the ordering process?

  1. We will place a single order with Clarus on the 21st of each month (if the collective volume is at least 6 units).
  2. The 6 units will be packaged in a new crate and dispatched to Australia, arriving in either Melbourne or Sydney ports.
  3. From that point we arrange local delivery which will range between $300 per order for Sydney and Melbourne, and $900 per order for states and territories outside NSW and VIC.
  4. Lead times will be 8 weeks from the 21st of the month in which order is placed, subject to us achieving minimum order quantity.

If however, you are in hurry and can’t wait for the minimum order quantities, we can price the order directly to you, but will not be able to pass on the savings of the new supply chain model.

If you require any more information please feel free to contact Vince Asdagi 0414 831 894