I’m often hearing the screams of no more zoom meetings! How it’s sapping our lifeblood. But technology and challenges can fire up possibilities previously overlooked.  

In my design thinking studies, one of the principles is designing with constraints. It’s here we can find opportunities to innovate. 

Recently a friend shared an example of how technology and covid created new opportunities for a Melbourne piano teacher called Sharon.

Facing lockdowns and social distancing, Sharon moved lessons online to keep lessons going for her and her students. While some students dropped out, others stayed on to try it. And curiously, she’s discovered some unexpected benefits. 

Firstly, because lessons are recorded, students can replay it later, and this is boosting their practice. 

Secondly, Sharon decided to advertise her online lessons, and now she has new students including some from interstate. 

One new student lives in a tiny down in New South Wales. This student tried to find a local teacher for six years with no luck. Yet it took the challenge of covid to connect the opportunity and the offer.