Formal Collaboration

Business has never been more competitive with digital disruption becoming the norm not an aberration.

Larger organisations now face an increasing imperative to become more agile and responsive to change.

To achieve this, there are mega trends, customer centricity and giving front line staff more of a role in driving improved customer experience.

Two change toolkits are dominating what’s happening in this space – Design Thinking and Agile Working.

Both of these tool kits need similar kinds of environment to be successful.  Critical for success are the following:

Dynamic ‘hackable’ space

Co-located teams vary in size by day / week and month with this way of working.  Fixed and constrained desks and rooms don’t accommodate this easily.

Abundant visual management

Both Design Thinking and Agile working need lots of vertical working areas.  Typical small fixed and mobile whiteboards are not big enough. Whole walls are needed.

Focus on conversation not technology

When there is risk, conflict and a good deal at stake, it’s time to down tools and go analogue. Digital collaboration is great up to a point, but can never call out an elephant in the room or deal with politics and conflict.

Remove all queues for hierarchy

Avoid rectangular tables in rectangular rooms. Have round or organic shaped table systems that can move and be reconfigured at will. Ensure all chairs are comfortable and on casters.

Collaborative Design was founded with the goal of extending the best kinds of collaboration space beyond the realm of just being available in dedicated facilities used by Tier 1 Management Consultants.

Mobile work walls that also act as a dynamic space portioning system are at the core of these kinds of spaces. The bestselling Y system and newly launched Dovetail system are good examples. Three double walls are designed to make three discreet ‘breakout’ areas.

CDS are now offering the following discounted ‘packages’ of work walls, tables and chairs at a 20% discount.

  • Y system + Dovetail system
  • 3 double work walls
  • 3 flip tables
  • 20 Mingle chairs

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