Our range of work walls are made of the best material for writing on, e3 ceramic steel.

Our unique Get Together product is made from Polyvison e3 ceramic steel. Ceramic steel writing surfaces are made for continuous use in busy offices and collaborative spaces.

Unlike other cheaper writing surfaces, like laminate, ceramic steel is durable and will wipe clean everytime. On this long-lasting work wall material, dry-erase or even permanent markers can easily be wiped away with no unsightly ‘ghosting’ left behind.

Beware laminate boards. No matter how good the surface, it degrades over time, smudges and is progressively more difficult to keep clean.

Ceramic steel also allows for a completely flat writing surface that lets you write smoothly. Ceramic steel is magnetic and is perfect for organising sticky notes on its flat surface.

Ceramic steel offers great colour contrast so that your writing is clear and easy to read. To ensure durability for years to come, ceramic steel is resistant to chemicals, scratching and staining.

  • Durable and perfect for continuous use in busy spaces
  • Wipes clean everytime with no ‘ghosting’
  • Great colour contrast for readability
  • Flat writing surface that won’t ripple
  • Magnetic and easy to sticky notes
  • Resistant to scratches, chemicals and stains
  • Adaptable and flexible for your collaborative space
  • Can be written on with dry-erase, semi-permanent, water-soluble and permanent markers