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Corporate businesses are always on the lookout for way to improve returns and stay ahead of their competitors and your property and workspace remain a fertile area to achieve this.

More than just enabling higher occupancy and better utilisation your space can also enable new work styles and processes.

At Collaborative Design we understand the importance of connecting your culture with your work methods and workspace and bring design ideas and collaborative furniture to support your goals.

How we can help

With visits to hundreds of sites across Asia we get to see many great ideas and projects. This knowledge has informed our product portfolio and importantly how our products can be introduced to create tangible outcomes for our clients. Let us help you getting better returns from your collaboration goals.

Who we work with

Using mobile work walls enable teams to move the tools they need to wherever they need them, providing flexible wall space to create and collaborate, rather than limiting this activity to traditional meeting spaces.

Project Director

National Corporate

Working with you guys has been very easy and we love the Y System. It has helped with our agile transformation.”

Head of Workplace

International Corporate

Recommended products for Corporate & Business

Clarus Go!

Clarus Go!

Y? System

Y? System





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