Educate & Inform

workplace designWe believe that effective environments are a key ingredient to improved engagement, creativity and learning.

The core capability of Collaborative Design Space is in our knowledge of workplace design and what it takes to create environments to maximise output, and as such teaching our clients how to get the most from their investment.

Our knowledge of organisational culture and behaviour, along with specific process capabilities, enhances our physical product offer and differentiates us from the traditional business furniture suppliers.

Put simply, we don’t just sell furniture. We help you maximise its utility.

We help clients do this by providing:

Planning and design strategy, to create better collaborative work and learning spaces.
We work closely with our clients to co-design the most effective space for their unique needs.

Training, to help clients maximise their new collaborative space.
Through training and guidance, we embed capability in your business to get the most from these new, more collaborative environments.

Our training model is based on the concept of “pay it forward”. Where those we train pass on what they’ve learnt to colleagues with our guidance. The benefit of this model lies within the mastery gained by the individuals “paying it forward”.

Champion and teach better meeting processes.  
Every meeting/workshop should be designed, whether it be a business as usual meeting or those designed for complex challenges. We take the core ingredients of workplace design and Systems Thinking and Design Thinking, and make them accessible to you and your team by teaching how to design and facilitate great meetings and workshops.