Design & Source

collaborative spacesCollaborative Design Space provide some of the world’s best collaborative furniture.

Many years of frustration at the lack of innovation for collaborative spaces led Collaborative Design Space founder, Peter Brady, to commence designing & sourcing adaptable and mobile furniture to support his vision of providing a better solution to a broad range of corporate clients.

To create effective collaborative spaces, we source products from some of the world’s leading suppliers, as well as design & manufacture our own.

Source & Import

  • We source from, and form alliances with, companies who are the global leaders in producing work walls, flexible table systems and castor stacking chairs for collaborative environments.
  • We continuously scan worldwide product launches to identify unique and outstanding furniture and environment elements that add to the flexibility, mobility and beauty of meeting, learning and collaborative spaces.

Design & Create

  • When we aren’t completely satisfied with existing products we design bespoke furniture, collaborating with our clients every step of the way to ensure the end result meets their specific needs. Do you need something specific? Enquire here
  • Leveraging our experience working with end users, we create original collaborative furniture that deliver either breakthroughs in functionality and/or value.
  • In designing our own range of work walls, we are able to apply our extensive experience to develop more adaptable, functional methods of communication.

Why invest in collaborative furniture?

In today’s hyper competitive, global environment success is no longer about the biggest or the brightest. Successful organisations are those that can adapt and innovate more regularly and more quickly than others. Collaboration and innovation are key components to achieving that goal. That’s why you need to invest in collaborative furniture and spaces.

What does this new environment look like?

No one environment will look the same. Every solution is based on the client’s unique needs.

Fixed rooms, layouts and furniture are a missed opportunity. We help create spaces that allow flexibility and adaptability. Collaborative spaces that can mould to the users needs, allowing them to create an environment that works best for them and their unique working and learning styles.

So instead of a large meeting table, we use small tables or no tables at all because mobility and mingling are key. We use caster chairs so participants can socialise and noodle over things while sitting down.

We better utilise large spaces to create more engaging, productive collaborative spaces and find ways to encourage use of unused space.

And, importantly, we highly recommend you don’t compromise by using traditional whiteboards in these spaces, save your walls for colour, drama and flair. Todays modern office use mobile work walls for their visual management needs. Work walls form the centre piece of the solutions we recommend.

We aim to be a cost leader in our market by keeping our overheads low and effective sourcing of all products. This goal allows us to achieve a cost advantage that translates to better value for our clients.